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"Don't lose it."
SS chapsmoulderinggaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Zee
Linked to SS chapsmoulderingsmall.png A Locket with a Dapper Chap's Portrait
Data ID 149161

"Don't lose it." is a Sunless Sea Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

"Don't lose it." is triggered at zee if you have the following:

Event description[]

You stand on the bridge with the Dapper Chap's locket in your hand.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Keep it

It's a risk for both of you. Shore-bound lovers grow lonely, and zee-captains die young.

Close your hand over the locket

The zee-air is cold, but the heat of your blood has warmed the metal of the locket. Keep it close.

Throw it away

With enough time and effort, you could break his heart, or he yours.

A shining arc

It spins away into the night. Your first officer glances across, curiously. The throb of the engines drowns out the splash.

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