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"I want to go away to sea."
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 143394

"I want to go away to sea." is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[]

"Your child wants to sign on with a ship. Already?"

Trigger conditions[]

"I want to go away to sea." is triggered in SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London if you have the following:
SS generic unterzee4small.png Memoirs: Zee Fever ≥ 25 and SS urchingirlsmall.png Romance: a Child in London ≥ 10. Memoirs: Zee Fever is increased by spending SS urchingirlsmall.png Time with your Family.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Permit it

A family tradition! If your child survives. Many zailors don't. You of all people know that.

All is well... for now

"NEW YEAR'S DAY, 189- : Quartermaster's Assistant, of legal age, signed on recommendation of legal guardian. Give equal treatment."

Game note: You have a Scion. When you die, the next generation may take up the torch. In the meantime, they will still live at home... probably.

Game Note: This is how you gain a Scion, allowing your next captain to choose two legacies.
Forbid it

You know what happens at zee. No child of yours will risk that. But will they listen?

    SS heartssmall.png Hearts challenge (167 for 100%)

Failed event Game Note: This will reassure you, setting Terror to zero and reducing Nightmares.
Salt's savour

Your child listens carefully to everything you have to say; nods acquiescently; runs off in the night; and signs aboard a visiting Iron Republic fire-carrack. You won't see them again. But perhaps they'll remember you after you're gone...

Successful event
Grudging acquiescene

You paint the horrors of the hungry waves in bloody colours. At last your child's ardour is dampened. They'll stay away from the zee... for now at least. Your heart is lightened.