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A Buzzing Beggar
SS masktannedgaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Explore
Linked to SS Locations Mount Palmerston.png Mount Palmerston
Data ID 149969

A Buzzing Beggar is a Sunless Sea Explore Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

A Buzzing Beggar can be triggered in SS Locations Mount Palmerston.png Mount Palmerston by doing the following:

Location Requirements

Event description[]

""Zzouls, my friend," a masked figure entreats you. "Zzouls. Do you have zzouls? I miss them zo. Let me pay you for them.""


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Yes, you have zouls. Souls.

Offer it a crate of human souls.


It is delighted with the souls. It cradles them to its chest: It whispers. It tosses you a bag of coins. "I am indebted! If we zee each other again - if - if only - then bring me more zouls? Just a few more zouls."

No zouls for you!

Curse and push the Buzzing Beggar aside.

An uncertain shape

It leaps away with commendable agility: its knees, you think, bend the wrong way. Its arm beneath the sleeve, where you laid a hand on it, felt more like wood or lacquer than flesh. It scuttles away into the darkness.

Refuse more politely

No zouls today.

"I zee. I zee. I understand."

"Perhaps - another time - you'll bring me zouls? I might be here. Or perhaps I will not.

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