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A Comprehensive Port Report: Empire of Hands
SS empireofhands portsmall.png
Category Curiosity
Type Knowledge
Effects +1 x Admiralty's Favour

+300 x Echo
Monkey Business = 10

A Comprehensive Port Report: Empire of Hands is considered a Knowledge Curiosity item.

Item description[]

"There is much still to discover here. But this will suffice for now."


A Comprehensive Port Report: Empire of Hands is a special, one-time Port Report which can be obtained in Empire of Hands, a Sunless Sea port, by doing the Prepare a Comprehensive Port Report action.


Bring the report to The Admiralty Survey Office in London for +1 x Admiralty's Favour and +300 x Echo. This will also set your Monkey Business value to 10 and allow you to progress with further exploration of Empire of Hands.

For all the port report locations go the Port Report page.

The Comprehensive Port Report: Empire of Hands can also be used in your personal lodgings in Fallen London with the Peruse your Comprehensive Port Report in private action. This will give you one Secret. Selecting this option will also set your Monkey Business value to 10 and allow you to progress with further exploration of Empire of Hands if you have not previously begun the story line.

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