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A Contest of Riddles
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Category Random Event
Type Explore
Linked to SS Locations Gaider's Mourn.png Gaider's Mourn

SS Locations Mutton Island.png Mutton Island

SS Locations Whither.png Whither
Data ID 146635

A Contest of Riddles is a Sunless Sea Explore Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

A Contest of Riddles can be triggered in SS Locations Gaider's Mourn.png Gaider's Mourn, in SS Locations Mutton Island.png Mutton Island and in SS Locations Whither.png Whither by doing the following:

Location Requirements

Event description[]

Fisherfolk, zailors, a shady couple of likely-pirates - and is that a Drownie down by the water's edge? They sit round a fire at the zee's edge passing around a bottle of something viscously black. They're wagering on riddles. Will you join them?


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Walk away

Riddles are for children.

Unanswered questions

You pass on. The Drownie laughs at a pirate's joke, and the fire sinks low and blue.

Bet an Echo on one of the simpler riddles.

One of the fishermen is bursting to try it.

Failed event
“A whale's eye?”

The fisherman chuckles and pounds the ground with a fist. “City folk!” he crows. “City folk. Pay up.”

Successful event
“A cat's shadow.”

The fisherman grumbles, but pays up.

Seek a real challenge, for ten Echoes

Here's a sardonic woman with a pair of matched knives, a silver hoop earring and a Khanate accent. She has a real riddle.

Failed event
“The ashes of a fire?”

She shakes her head slowly. “Good try. Not good enough.”

Successful event
“The last day of summer.”

She tips her hat to you. “Fair's fair. Take this. I found it off Wolf's Rift. I'd pickle it, if I were you.” Whatever it was, it has a single sad and swollen eye, a slick greyish integument and claws like a raven. It smells like sewage.

Attempt one of the Riddles of Pearl

At the Fathomking's feasts, the guests challenge one another to answer these riddles. You need not pay the penalty they do. But you will need to stump up a hundred Echoes to challenge the Drownie.

Failed event
“A crown of kelp?”

The Drownie reaches out to take your coins, smiling like a sated shark.

Successful event
“A silver bubble of breath.”

The Drownie performs a curious bobbing bow, and produces something from its sodden clothing: a serpentine bundle bound with seaweed, wriggling slightly. It rolls lugubrious eyes towards you. “A zouvenir from the zee's bed,” the Drownie says. “Keep it damp.”

Attempt one of the Great Riddles of Irem

Who is this, in lion-coloured furs at the firelight's edge? “I carry one of the Great Riddles of Irem,” she intones. Her eyes glisten. “One thousand Echoes, against a jewel from the Pillared Sea.”

Failed event
“The belly of the horizon.”

“True,” the stranger (the Iremi?) says. “But wrong.”

Successful event

“Ah,” the stranger (the Iremi?) breathes. “Yes. The key fits the lock. Take this.”

Jewel? It's a silver hand, beautifully shaped to every crease of skin. “The rest is lost,” the riddle-wielder says. “Now you have this, it's lost too.”

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