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A Dilemma On Pigmote Isle
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Category Story Event
Type Pigmote Isle
Linked to SS generic portsmall.png Pigmote Isle

A Dilemma On Pigmote Isle is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[]

A Dilemma On Pigmote Isle is triggered when you dock in SS generic portsmall.png Pigmote Isle while SS ratbargegaz.png The Rise of Pigmote Isle is available and choose Help [Pigmote Isle name] resolve a Dilemma. Doing so will increment the SS pocketwatchsmall.png Pigmote Isle: Progress Of A Nation quality and grant the quality SS argumentsmall.png Pigmote Isle: A dilemma which forces the player to make a story choice in order to progress.

Story description[]

An aide runs over. "Hairless Adviser, you return to us! Praise the tide. We need your wisdom once again!"

Interactions Summary[]

Every time the player chooses, Help [Pigmote Isle name] resolve a Dilemma they will be presented with multiple options on how to deal with the situation. The situations are chosen at random. [Pigmote Isle name] is calculated using the current journal description of Pigmote Isle: Mastery (Cavia, United Murinia etc.)

SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 1[]

"The aide takes you to the coast, where the huts still smoulder from the last pirate attack. "Those beastly raiders keep coming for our precious scintillack," it squeaks, shaking a paw in impotent furry rage. "How can we protect our shores, Hairless Adviser?""

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Suggest they raise conscription

It will be unpopular, but safety must come first.

Unhappy soldiers

Parents nuzzle their pups farewell, holding back the tears just long enough. The conscripts waddle towards the training camp in hastily made, ill-fitting armour.

Recommend they accept the loss

The scintillack harvesters will have to work harder to make up the shortfall.

Acceptable losses?

The aide bows, defeated. "As you say, Hairless Advisor." The attacks continue, growing stronger as the pirates realise how little resistance [Pigmote Isle name] can muster.

Advise an attack on their stronghold

The pirates must learn that [Pigmote Isle name] will fight back.

Failed event

Pigmote sends its best soldiers against the pirates. Only one returns. On a silver platter. Coated in a honey glaze.

Successful event

The raiding party returns bearing treasure and the lead pirate's head. Her successor will think twice before launching another attack.

SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 2[]

"A guilty rodent stands, his head bowed. The aide pushes him forward. "Hairless Adviser, this traitor stole food from our stores. To feed a sick child, he claims. Do we show mercy or make an example of the wretch?""

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Advocate mercy

His actions were understandable, if unfortunate.

Forgiven and forgotten

The guilty rodent is released back to his family, all wheeking with relief. Few claim justice has not been done. But it is not the last such theft, and with each one, it becomes harder for the [Pigmote Isle name]ns to tell where the line between clemency and weakness is drawn.

Insist an example be made of him

A new nation cannot afford to set a such a precedent.

Law and order

The execution is kept as painless as possible, but conducted in public. Citizens argue bitterly whether what they witnessed can be called justice, but its impact is clear: few dare risk theft again.

No half-measures!

Insist the wretch be hung, drawn, quartered and the pieces impaled on spikes as a warning to all! And his family too!

Excessive force

There is a long silence. Much twitching of whiskers. "As... as you counsel, Hairless Adviser," the advisor just about manages to squeak in a moderately respectful tone. The shrieks that follow will not soon be forgotten, by thieves or anyone else.

SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 3[]

"A cloaked man in a hippo mask stands surrounded by a pack of rodent soldiers. "We caught this one sneaking around by the..." The aide hesitates, paws sketching the shape of Pigmote's blue scintillack. "What should we do with him, Hairless Adviser?""

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Advocate for his release

Pigmote Isle is not ready to handle the repercussions of imprisoning or executing a citizen of another nation.

A treasure for all to admire

The man from Visage is released, free to tell stories of what he saw here. In time, others will no doubt come to see for themselves. That will increase [Pigmote Isle name]'s legitimacy. A furry general grumbles about the additional burden of handling visitors.

Advocate for his arrest

The rodents must decide a punishment that fits the crime.

Taken away at gunpoint

The masked man puts up no resistance as the guards lead him away. "We will tie him down while we decide his fate," squeaks the aide, perched on your shoulder. "We have no prison that can hold him, but our ropes are sturdy. I hope they are sturdy enough."

Speak with the mysterious masked man

He claims to be from an island called Visage. Beyond that, the rodents have learned nothing.

A visitor from the land of masks

He draws himself to his full height. "Flourishing blessings be upon you, noble Frog. The light of our lost Left Eye draws our gaze. I come but to confirm it is as our scryers foretold, and-"

The speech goes on for some time. D__n it. Is there anyone in the Neath that doesn't covet [Pigmote Isle name]'s lump of blue scintillack?",


Speak with the Hippo

You know the ways of Visage better than most.

A cursed envoy

He draws himself up to full height. "Flourishing blessings be upon you, Frog-"

You stop him cold. Frog? Hippo speaks above his station! His mask denotes him little more than an exile. He has no authority.

Hippo is chastened. "A thousand apologies," he whispers. "I felt the light of the Left Eye that might buy my passage home. The Eye will call to others, and they will bring Jackals to this place. Do not tarry here, Once-Moth, lest their comforting shadows take you too."",


SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 4[]

"The aide takes you deep into the Chickenwoods. "A terrible state of affairs, Hairless Adviser. Our young pups turn from our traditions to new and foreign ways." He shudders as he points at something in the middle of the clearing. A crudely made jackal mask sits in a circle of sticks, a bead of scintillack carefully placed in each eye."

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Preach tolerance

There are stranger customs in the Neath.


The aide examines the mask. He takes an experimental bite, then shivers. "As you say, Hairless Adviser. We will turn a blind eye for now. Though I fear for our future. How can our pups hope to defend our shore if their hearts lie away from our culture?"

Advocate stern measures

This can't be good. It must be stopped.

Failed event
A growing concern

The furry militia scours the town for other masks. They only find one, nailed to the head of a dead guard. No witnesses come forward.

Successful event
A clampdown

The furry militia goes door to door in search of other masks. They find none. [Pigmote Isle name] breathes easier knowing that whatever is going on here, it has not spread far.

SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 5[]

"The aide squeals. "Wonderful news, Hairless Adviser! Our scintillack harvest has been bountiful. Our harvesters can temporarily be put to use elsewhere. What should we have them work on?" "

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Suggest they construct housing

Every rodent deserves a home to be proud of.

From holes to houses

The harvesters rub their paws with satisfaction. With every new residence, [Pigmote Isle name] grows. Soon it will be a city.

Have them build defences

Pigmote Isle will always have enemies coveting its treasure.

No easy prey

Repurposing scrap from The Impossible Lamb to act as coastal defence is hard, filthy work, but worth the effort. The next pirate vessel that tries to steal [Pigmote Isle name]'s scintillack will surely regret its decision.

Let them enjoy this moment

They have worked their whiskers off already.

Partying in the streets

For a few hours, [Pigmote Isle name] comes together in celebration. It reminds everyone why they fight. The harvesters return to work energised and ready.

SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 6[]

""The lights of London call to our people, Hairless Adviser. They seek the warmth of its lamps. The abundance of food." The aide leans in. "Already the traitors repurpose the Impossible Lamb's hull into rafts and boats for their shameful and terrible exodus! We cannot survive if our people desert us. What should we do?""

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
An opportunity beckons

If they are desperate to leave, they will pay for passage.

All aboard!

A word in the right furry ear. A little distraction. Pigmote Isle will have to do without some of its workers. At least, without the ones who can afford passage aboard your ship.

Suggest appealing to their patriotism

Remind them why they came here, and what they can still become.

Failed event
Failed diplomacy

The traitors do not listen. [Pigmote Isle name] lacks the force of arms to stop them leaving. They put to zee in their hastily made boats and rafts, and disappear into the darkness.

Successful event
A rousing speech

Diplomacy works. The emigrants are taken aback by the arrival of soft words and outstretched paws, and the promise of forgiveness. A few still risk the zee and its many dangers, but most accept [Pigmote Isle name]'s offered amnesty and return.

Recommend a display of force

Have them escorted back to town at swordpoint.

Failed event
A disastrous rout

The resistance is too fierce, too desperate. A few rodents sacrifice their freedom to hold the line. Sad squeaks salute their bravery as the escaping rafts and boats slowly disappear into the darkness.

Successful event
Order is restored

The traitors surrender. Their leaders are punished harshly as a lesson to the others. The rest are returned to work, yoked to their tools until they can be trusted again.

SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 7[]

"The aide hurries you into the depths of the Chickenwoods, where the woods are particularly dark and foreboding. It wrings its paws. "Hairless Adviser... we had hoped never to ask for this. We swore to stand on our own paws. But our supplies are running short. We desperately need your help. And your discretion.""

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Donate supplies

This will greatly help the [Pigmote Isle name]ns.

A careful delivery

The aide meets you at the ship with a pair of trusted assistants. None are used to manual labour and can barely pull the small, heavily loaded cart. They squeak first in appreciation and then with exhaustion as they slowly drag it away to the town gates.

One of the better options if shooting for Pigmote Isle independence as it raises 2 stats and penalizes none. Make sure you can afford the Supplies cost.

Unwilling or unable, your answer is no.


Standing alone

The aide sags; his whiskers droop. "Very well, Hairless Adviser. We will endure. We have faith. We will survive."

SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 8[]

"A chill hangs over the Chickenwoods. The trees creak in the still air. The aide shivers. "Do you feel it, Hairless Adviser? They say a monster lives out here, where even our light cannot reach. Our farmers refuse to tend their mushrooms until they can be sure of reaching them in safety. But we can find no trace of the beast. What can we do?""

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Suggest razing the Chickenwoods

Burn the trees. Leave it nowhere to hide.

The smell of burning forest

Fire. Smoke. No sign of a monster, alive or dead. Still, the adventure has given [Pigmote Isle name]'s soldiers fresh training, of a sort. And the farmers will have little to fear, walking this new charcoal path to the mushroom fields.

Declare their fears superstition

The best weapon against irrational fear is a good distraction. A party, perhaps!

Failed event
Tales of terror!

It bleeds spiders! Has bat-wings! When it bites you, you swell up until all that remains is a creature of teeth and dripping pus! The stories spread. The banquet was intended to take their minds off the monster, but soon they can think of little else.

It will be a long time before any of them dare return to the Chickenwoods.

Successful event
Comfort in company

The celebration takes the rodents' minds off the shadowy threat. By the warmth of a good fire, the vague unknown is no longer something to squeak at or twitch their whiskers over. It may be more bravado than actual courage, but it's the kind that lasts even after the fire has burned down to charcoal.

SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 9[]

"Rats and cavies lie quivering on canvas sheets in this part of town. "We think it started from something in the water," whispers the aide. "We thought we'd contained it, but it's spreading. Our medicines are powerless against it. What do we do?""

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Have them burn the infected part of town

It won't be popular. It will be decisive.

Cleansing fire

The simple huts light easily, and the flames take the dead with them. The rodents watching agree it had to be done. The one who drew the short straw rubs her eyes with a paw, quietly murmuring something about the smoke.

Recommend the sick be quarantined

Building a hospital will take workers away from other tasks, but demonstrate [Pigmote Isle name]'s compassion.

Slow recovery

Away from the contaminated water, the symptoms of the disease soon fade. But it will be considerably longer before the sufferers are ready to return to work.

SS argumentgaz.png Pigmote Isle: A Dilemma = 10[]

""The rats' wine is in high demand, Hairless Adviser." The aide twitches its whiskers. "We do not wish to take the joy from life, but it has caused many problems. Many injuries amongst our farmers. Our new militia recruits missing their training. Do we step in or turn a blind eye?""

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Recommend prohibition

A sober workforce is a harder-working workforce. Probably not a happier one.

An unpopular decision

The last wine barrel is delivered to the docks by annoyed soldiers. The aide breathes with relief. "Hairless Adviser, would you take this devil drink away? We would be most grateful."

Recommend turning a blind eye

Even rodents need something to take the edge off life.

A modicum of freedom

The aide seems slightly relieved. "Very good, Hairless Adviser," it squeaks, raising a glass in your honour. You return to the town, past a furry heap of soldiers. One particularly small guinea pig, sleeping in a human sized cup, squeaks happily as you pass.

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