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A Dream of Christmas
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 223591

A Dream of Christmas is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[]

The Crimson Beast of Winter towers above you on the snow-drowned street, its sack open wide to receive your offering. "I WILL TAKE ALL YOU CAN GIVE. I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. I WILL TAKE MORE."

Trigger conditions[]

SS sacksmall.png Sacks and Snow: In the Service of Mr Sacks ≥ 1 ≤ 69
SS sackssmall.png Mr Sacks ≥ 1
SS gamekeeper cottagesmall.png Something Awaits You ≥ 1 ≤ 10


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Mr Sacks! Take my best regards.

An old Londoners' trick. It can work... once.

A loss averted

Mr Sacks is silent for a moment. "MAY YOU EXPERIENCE ALL THE GENEROSITY THAT YOU DESERVE," it intones, stepping into the darkness and taking the light and all memory of light with it.

You wake up in a cold sweat, fumbling to light the lantern beside your bed. Just a nightmare, but one that leaves behind a sick sense of something barely averted.

Mr Sacks! Take my wealth.

You cannot take it with you. It will buy time.

An Offering is made

The sack knows only hunger. You give it your fortunes. You give it your Lodgings. You give it your ship. You give it the clothes off your back. You stand naked, homeless and penniless on the streets of London, and still Mr Sacks demands "MORE."

You wake in another cold sweat, clutching at sheets, hearing the reassuring hum of a vessel that remains yours, for now. Just a dream. It means nothing.

Game note: This will cost you Echoes.

Mr Sacks! Take my warmth.

It will not last much longer in the cold lacre.

An Offering is made

You stand as you were in your last dream, a penniless vagrant, freezing in the lacre-snow of London. The Beast presses a hand to your bare skin; a coldness that drains the heat from your flesh and spirit. Beads of sweat prickle your skin, turning to ice. Your breath no longer hangs in front of you. The Beast growls. "MORE."

You wake shivering; a fire in your head and ice in your heart. You need to free yourself of this nightmare, and soon.

Game note: This will cost you Hearts.

Mr Sacks! Take my teeth.

Something of the body, to satiate its hunger.

An Offering is made

The Beast waits impatiently. You reach into your mouth, each tooth cracking and bleeding at the slightest touch. You grip the first; a canine. Your fingers slip. You grip tighter, pulling, wrenching, fighting. It tears free from your gums, blood splattering down onto the snow at your feet, nerves shrieking as they taste the chill in the air. You throw the bloody prize at Mr Sacks' feet. It doesn't look down. "MORE," it booms.

You wake, a taste of copper in your throat. Your hand goes to your mouth; thankfully, your teeth remain. All that were present when you took to your bed, at least.

Game note: This will cost you Iron.

Mr Sacks! Take my crew.

Better them than you. Isn't that the Captain's way?

An Offering is made

They line up, dead-eyed in the snow. To a distant beat, they march. One by one, into the sack. One by one, their heads turn to face you, and then away. The Beast pulls the drawstrings tight. "MORE." it demands. "MORE."

A knock on the door wakes you. You rise with a fever, head still pounding from a half-remembered drumbeat. The crewman outside brings troubling news. What? How did this happen? How many? You close the door. A coincidence, surely. Just a coincidence.

Game note: This will demand increasing numbers of crew.

Mr Sacks! Take... me.

You have nothing else left to give.

The final Offering

The Beast's hunger knows no end. It opens the sack wide and you let it take you. Far away, desperate voices try in vain to wake their sleeping Captain. Soon, they fade, leaving only the silence of the sack.

Game note: The nightmare has you. This will end your game. Finish or escape your Service before it comes to this.

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