A Lump of Blue Scintillack

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A Lump of Blue Scintillack
SS gleamsmall.png
Type Curiosity
Price 800 x Echo (Sell) at The University
Data ID 109974

A Lump of Blue Scintillack is considered a common Curiosity item.

Item description[edit | edit source]

"It blazes with apocyanic radiance. Wars have been fought for less."

Game note: You may find a use for this; or the Alarming Scholar will certainly purchase it.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

A Lump of Blue Scintillack can be obtained in the following ways:

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Item location Action name Effect Notes
The Brass Embassy Why did you come here?
  • SS gleamsmall.png +1 x A Lump of Blue Scintillack
Deliver a Port Report: Fallen London.
Pigmote Isle Steal the Rat Star
  • SS gleamsmall.png +1 x A Lump of Blue Scintillack
Follow the A Rat in the Making storyline and be successful at Veils challenge.
Pigmote Isle Steal the Eye
  • SS gleamsmall.png +1 x A Lump of Blue Scintillack
Follow the A Knight Out of Habit storyline and be successful at Veils challenge.
Pigmote Isle Declare Independence
  • SS gleamsmall.png +1 x A Lump of Blue Scintillack
Successfully Fight off Invaders after declaring Pigmote Isle's Independence.
Mangrove College Into the Wisp-Ways
  • SS gleamsmall.png +1 x A Lump of Blue Scintillack
Bring a few Foxfire Candles and make your way into The Wisp-Ways. One of the paths rewards you with of A Lump of Blue Scintillack.
Port Cecil - The Pulse of the Principles Win the match
  • SS gleamsmall.png +4 x A Lump of Blue Scintillack
Winning the match means you don't get the Nacreous Survivor.

Usage[edit | edit source]

This item can be used in combat to fill all of your firing solutions with a cooldown time of 20 seconds. It is infinitely reusable. Changing your ship does not remove this ability.

  • You can sell it to the Alarming Scholar at The University for +800 x Echo.
  • You can also sell it at The Temple of Mihir for +5 x Outlandish Artefact and +1 x Captivating Treasure (worth at least 1500 E total); note that while this option is certainly the most profitable, it becomes unavailable after a certain event happens; as such, you might be advised not to finish Varchas storyline until you sell all the spare Lumps received from completing Principles' quest.
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