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A Lump of Blue Scintillack
SS gleamsmall.png
Type Curiosity
Price 800 x Echo (Sell) at The University
Data ID 109974

A Lump of Blue Scintillack is considered a common Curiosity item.

Item description[]

"It blazes with apocyanic radiance. Wars have been fought for less."

Game note: You may find a use for this; or the Alarming Scholar will certainly purchase it.


A Lump of Blue Scintillack can be obtained in the following ways:


Item location Action name Effect Notes
The Brass Embassy Why did you come here?
  • SS gleamsmall.png +1 x A Lump of Blue Scintillack
Deliver a Port Report: Fallen London.
Pigmote Isle Steal the Rat Star Follow the A Rat in the Making storyline and be successful at Veils challenge.
Pigmote Isle Steal the Eye Follow the A Knight Out of Habit storyline and be successful at Veils challenge.
Pigmote Isle Declare Independence Successfully Fight off Invaders after declaring Pigmote Isle's Independence.
Mangrove College Into the Wisp-Ways Bring a few Foxfire Candles and make your way into The Wisp-Ways. One of the paths rewards you with of A Lump of Blue Scintillack.
Port Cecil - The Pulse of the Principles Win the match Winning the match means you don't get the Nacreous Survivor.


This item can be used in combat to fill all of your firing solutions with a cooldown time of 20 seconds. It is infinitely reusable. Changing your ship does not remove this ability.

  • You can sell it to the Alarming Scholar at The University for +800 x Echo.
  • You can also sell it at The Temple of Mihir for +5 x Outlandish Artefact and +1 x Captivating Treasure (worth at least 1500 E total); note that while this option is certainly the most profitable, it becomes unavailable after a certain event happens; as such, you might be advised not to finish Varchas storyline until you sell all the spare Lumps received from completing Principles' quest.
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