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A Meeting with the Pirate King
A Meeting with the Pirate King (Map)
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Located in Isle of Cats

You can talk to A Meeting with the Pirate King when you are at the Isle of Cats by following your Patron's storylet.

Trigger conditions[]

A Meeting with the Pirate King can be accessed in the Isle of Cats if you have the following:

Story description[]

What might one expect from Leopold, Pirate-King of the Isle of Cats: a hulking, grizzled presence with a crimson cat tattooed across his back? An oil-bearded wretch with a brace of pistols strapped to each hip, and eyes like wildfire? A gaunt-cheeked honey-seeker wasted from years of dissolution?

He looks, as it turns out, more like a lawyer than a dissolute lord - though he is at least wearing a robe of patterned-silk over his dark suit. Behind him you see a wall of what you think are wine-racks. On closer inspection, the racks hold bottle upon carefully-labelled bottle of red honey.


Actions Requirements Effects
"Captain's compliments, my King."

Isery enters with a wine-glass of thick honey; behind them Zaira drags in a stumbling prisoner. It is the sailor you stole from the Cumaean Canal, only they do not seem to recognise you at all.

Triggers event: SS bottlecrystalgaz.png Memories Stewed in Honey

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