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A Page from 'The Neathbow': Gant
SS gantsmall.png
Category Curiosity
Type Colours
Data ID 111179

A Page from 'The Neathbow': Gant is considered a Colour Curiosity item.

Item description[]

"G is lost in GANT, which remains when all other colours are eaten. Gant can be found where shadows are myriad."


A Page from 'The Neathbow': Gant can be obtained in the following ways:


Item location Action name Effect
The First Curator Accept the commission
  • +1 x A Page from 'The Neathbow': Gant


A Page from 'The Neathbow': Gant has the following uses:

Using any of those will grant you SS whispered secretsmall.png +7 x Secret and SS skullsmall.png +1 x Lamentable Relic.

Note: As you can gain the Weeping Scar both easily and essentially for free, and the two other items are quite valuable (about 500 E for the Shell and 250 for the Figurehead) and rare, the Scar seems the best option here. It also has no other uses besides this.

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