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A Page from 'The Neathbow': Violant
Category Curiosity
Type Colours
Data ID 111182

A Page from 'The Neathbow': Violant is considered a Colours Curiosity in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

SS blackgaz.png The First Curator's Manse, SS violantsmall.png A Pot of Violant Ink

Items description[]

""V marks VIOLANT when blood is shed in a spired place. Violant ink is employed for the most desperate treaties...""



Interactions in Brief[]

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Interaction Action Result Type Change
The First Curator's Manse 'Accept the commission' Default / Challenge Fail = 1
The First Curator's Manse 'Give it your Pot of Violant Ink' Requirement ≥ 1
The First Curator's Manse 'Give it your Pot of Violant Ink' Default / Challenge Fail = 0
The First Curator's Manse 'Receive a final reward' Requirement ≤ 0

Interactions in Detail[]

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Story Action Required Effect
The First Curator's Manse Accept the commission Default:
Give it your Pot of Violant Ink Default:
Receive a final reward Default:

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