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A Stranger in Difficulties
SS sneakygaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Explore
Linked to SS Locations Khan's Heart.png Khan's Heart
Data ID 154999

A Stranger in Difficulties is a Sunless Sea Explore Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

A Stranger in Difficulties can be triggered in SS Locations Khan's Heart.png Khan's Heart by doing the following:

Location Requirements

Event description[]

"As you pass an elegant house, lights blaze and shouts echo! Someone has caused a commotion. And here, you imagine, is that someone, slipping over the garden wall. He loses his grip and falls. A muffled cry, and he's sitting on the ground, nursing his ankle."


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Assist him

He's probably up to no good, but perhaps that's an opportunity for you.

A narrow escape

You see him start when he takes in your foreign dress, but he's eager for any assistance. You hobble away together to a safe distance. "Thank you," he gasps. "Here - your share." He extracts a garnet-eyed wolf-figurine from his clinking leather satchel, and hobbles away into the night.

Rare event (36%)
A flashing smile

A devilishly handsome young man! "Oh, thank you," he says. He peers at your face, and adds "Thank you!" in English this time. "I was visiting a friend of mine, and her, er, other friend, well, close friend, well, husband, came home early. I could have been very embarrassed. Oh, Great Wind, you've recognised my face, haven't you?" (You haven't.) "Look, I'll put a word in for you with the Clan. Drop by the palace some day, and I'll see you're remembered. Don't mention my name, though. Here's my boat. You! Pilot! Pay this one. He's a friend of the Leopard."

Turn him in

For justice and all those admirable abstract things.


Lamp-bearing burlies swarm the back of the house. They drag the wall-climber away. The enraged householder, grimly smiling, thanks you and tosses you a Khaganian coin.

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