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A castaway
SS gowngreengaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Explore
Linked to SS Locations Mutton Island.png Mutton Island

SS Locations Whither.png Whither
Data ID 182153

A castaway is a Sunless Sea Explore Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

A castaway can be triggered in SS Locations Mutton Island.png Mutton Island and in SS Locations Whither.png Whither by doing the following:

Location Requirements

Event description[]

A woman in an iridescent green gown waves vaguely from a rock near the shore. Sorrowful sighs waft across the water towards you. An idiot castaway? A mermaid? Of course not. Mermaids are a preposterous myth.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes

Oh, serpentus sirenesis, you rogue. With your humaniform tale-tip and your alluring sigh-bladders. You've probably laid your eggs along the rocks here, haven't you? If we can lure you far enough away, we can gather them -

A haul of serpentlings

The zee-wyrm slides sinuously into the water in pursuit of your bait. The 'woman' is revealed as the cunningly shaped green-scaled tip of its tail. You have a zailor scrape the rocks for wyrm-eggs. Sure enough, she comes up with a bucketful. They're on the point of hatching! Keep them safe.


The poor woman won't answer your hails, but she's obviously in need of assistance.

Send a troublemaker to the rescue

An elegantly gowned woman on a distant rock? This sounds more than fishy. Send someone you won't miss.

Radical discipline

Your troublesome zailor strides confidently out towards the rocks. The 'woman' contorts and slides into the water: she's the tip of a zee-serpent's tail! The serpent's head rears from the waves. There's a nasty business with thrashing and teeth and so forth, and your troublemaker is gone. Well, that'll do something for discipline.

Summary: The troublesome zailor is eaten by Neptune's Harlot, ensuring the rest of the crew know you're deadly serious about discipline.

She's probably a pirate or a Drownie or someone's feral aunt.

Sad sighs pass

She waves languidly as you move down the beach. A ghost? An eccentric bather? You'll never know.

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