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A council of sorrow
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Type Story Event
Linked to Saviour's Rocks
Data ID 167501

A council of sorrow is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[]

A council of sorrow is triggered after completing The Web of Stone for the first time, during the Story in Saviour's Rocks, when you do the Summoned by the spider-council action.

Story description[]

"The Emissary of Spiders stands before the Tree of Seasons, vast ranks of his masters sitting still as the rocks on its webbed branches. The subject of their interest: the legendary lost ship, the Nocturne."


Not much happens here beyond some exposition, avoidance from the spiders about the actual goal they have for you, and progressing the status of Caught in the webs of Saviour's Rocks from "A Supplicant of Spiders" at the end. If you failed to do any spider spying in The Web of Stone, this isn't going to help explain what's going on.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
The Secret of the Nocturne

The Emissary of Spiders patiently explains what service his masters require.

SS spiderflorencesmall.png Caught in the webs of Saviour's Rocks ≤ 30

"A simple matter, for one with perception..."

Eighteen years ago, the Nocturne was lost in the vicinity of Saviour's Rocks. It is a story every zailor knows; the tale of the webbed ship and its vanished crew.

"We seek a certain..." The Emissary of Spiders pauses, smiles. "Pardon the secrecy, but I fear discretion must be at the heart of our endeavour. Suffice it to say, there is a matter of the gravest importance tied to that ship and you shall, if you are deserving of this commission, most assuredly know it when you see it. Bring it here to us, and you shall be most richly rewarded."

His tone is warm and words sincere. He has clearly practiced much to make them so.

Demand more information

Why can't these spiders just tell you what they want?

SS spiderflorencesmall.png Caught in the webs of Saviour's Rocks ≥ 31

"It is too delicate a matter for specificity"

"These are dangerous waters. One never knows who might be listening," confides the Emissary of Secrets. "Trust in the pernicious masters, that they would not ask were you to lack the necessary wisdom."

That hardly suffices! But it is clear it is all you will get.

What of the Tree of Ages?

A question! Why can the sorrow-spiders not send their own vessel to handle this problem?

SS spiderflorencesmall.png Caught in the webs of Saviour's Rocks ≥ 31

"Oh, my. Such pervasive propaganda..."

'The Tree of Ages!' The Emissary of Spiders assures you that it's merely a tale: one invented to scare children and brain-addled zailors. With no offence intended to present company, of course.

"After all, I fear even the minikin masters would struggle to operate such a vessel. If it did exist. As for we who are honoured to serve..." he taps his blindfold, "I fear you do rather have the advantage on us there. Do we have a compact?"

Rule #1 of the Tree of Ages. Don't talk about the Tree of Ages.

Whether this is a task you actually intend to undertake or not, it would not be a wise one to openly refuse.

SS spiderflorencesmall.png Caught in the webs of Saviour's Rocks ≥ 31

"There is more to this than there appears"

But there is only one way to find out what.

"A simple task, is it not?" says the Emissary of Spiders, no longer encumbered by his masters. He claps you on the shoulder. "Do not of course neglect light to aid your search. Candles, yes. Candles enough to scare away the ghosts and burn the very skies a verdant green."

Accepting (you can't not accept) will kick you back to Saviour's Rocks.
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