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A fallen stone
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Category Random Event
Type Zee
Data ID 150638

A fallen stone is a Sunless Sea Zee Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

A fallen stone is triggered while at zee and have the following:

Story description[]

"Now and then, rocky fragments fall from the roof of the Neath. The decks of older ships are pocked with scars. The sound is one no land-lubber knows, and no zailor will ever forget. This one has smashed the glass of a deck-binnacle. "Ill omen!" one sailor cries. "The god in the roof! Storm is angry!"


Actions Requirements Effects
Do nothing

Storm: one of the three nameless gods of the zee. An absurd superstition.

Mutters of disapproval

They want you to offer wine and fish to appease the god, or the god will be cross. Well, sod 'em, you're in charge, and they're not proposing to pay for the wine.

Rare event (10%)
Sweep the remnants up

It takes some persuading to get the crew to sweep up the binnacle and stone-shards, but the threat of discipline does it. One of them claims she smells a storm. Ignore her.

Make a sacrifice to avert misfortune

In the stories, Storm is the noisiest, angriest and least reasonable of the zee-gods. Better not take chances.

A simple rite

Your zailors know the words: you mumble them. A gift of wine and fish is suitable, marked with the Captain's blood (ow!), bound with copper wire and cast overboard from the bow. The package bobs for a moment, and then is sucked beneath the ship...

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