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Accomplishments is a category displayed on the left in your Journal which displays a list of achievements that you got while playing Sunless Sea.

List of Accomplishments[]


Portrait Accomplishment Portrait Accomplishment Portrait Accomplishment
SS abbeyrock portsmall.png
Surveyed: Abbey Rock
SS adamscape portsmall.png
Surveyed: Adam's Way
SS aestival portsmall.png
Surveyed: Aestival
SS avidhorizon portsmall.png
Surveyed: Avid Horizon
SS chapeloflights portsmall.png
Surveyed: Chapel of Lights
SS correspondence1small.png
Surveyed: Codex
SS demeauxisland portsmall.png
Surveyed: Demeaux Island
SS empireofhands portsmall.png
Surveyed: Empire of Hands
SS frostfound portsmall.png
Surveyed: Frostfound
SS corsairsforest portsmall.png
Surveyed: Gaider's Mourn
SS godfall portsmall.png
Surveyed: Godfall
SS grandgeode portsmall.png
Surveyed: Grand Geode
SS hunterskeep portsmall.png
Surveyed: Hunter's Keep
SS irem portsmall.png
Surveyed: Irem
SS isleofcats portsmall.png
Surveyed: Isle of Cats
SS khansheart portsmall.png
Surveyed: Khan's Heart
SS khansshadow portsmall.png
Surveyed: Khan's Shadow
SS kingeaterscastle portsmall.png
Surveyed: Kingeater's Castle
SS portpalmerstonsmall.png
Surveyed: Mt Palmerston
SS nuncio portsmall.png
Surveyed: Nuncio
SS guineapigsmall.png
Surveyed: Pigmote Isle
SS polythreme portsmall.png
Surveyed: Polythreme
SS portcarnelian portsmall.png
Surveyed: Port Carnelian
SS principlesofcoral portsmall.png
Surveyed: Port Cecil
SS muttonisland portsmall.png
Surveyed: Quaker's Haven
SS spidermilliesmall.png
Surveyed: Saviour's Rocks
SS Accomplishments Surveyed Shepherd Isles.png
Surveyed: Shepherd Isles
SS stationIII portsmall.png
Surveyed: Station III
SS chelonate portsmall.png
Surveyed: the Chelonate
SS fathomkingshold portsmall.png
Surveyed: the Fathomking's Hold
SS coast2small.png
Surveyed: the Mangrove College
SS saltlions portsmall.png
Surveyed: The Salt Lions
SS uttershroom portsmall.png
Surveyed: the Uttershroom
SS varchas portsmall.png
Surveyed: Varchas
SS venderbightsmall.png
Surveyed: Venderbight
SS masksmall.png
Surveyed: Visage
SS whither portsmall.png
Surveyed: Whither SS seaoflilies portsmall.png Surveyed: Wisdom


Portrait Accomplishment Portrait Accomplishment Portrait Accomplishment
SS angelsmall.png
Trophy: A Daguerreotype of a Memorial
SS medalcandlegoldsmall.png
Trophy: A Posthumous Medal
SS teethglasssmall.png
Trophy: A Collection of Teeth
SS envelopesmall.png
Trophy: A Letter of Commendation
SS knifesmall.png
Trophy: A Shattered Coral Knife
SS couplesmall.png
Trophy: A Family Portrait
SS seamonster2small.png
Trophy: A Model Monster
SS rubberskullsmall.png
Trophy: Not Quite Human
SS papers3small.png
Trophy: An Impossible Restaurant Bill
SS booktearssmall.png
Trophy: An Autographed Copy of the Zong of the Zee
SS flagsmall.png
Trophy: A Folded Flag
SS aboardsmall.png
Trophy: the Lights of London
SS buoysmall.png
Trophy: Restless
SS sunsetsmall.png
Trophy: Those Final Mountains
SS mountainglowsmall.png
Trophy: a Family Bible

List of other Accomplishments[]

Portrait Accomplishment Portrait Accomplishment Portrait Accomplishment
SS writersmall.png
A Notable Occasion
SS ship2small.png
SS couplesmall.png
SS dawnmachinesmall.png
The Western Stigma
SS avidhorizon portsmall.png
The Scars of the North
SS bloodstainsmall.png
The Touch of the South
SS buoysmall.png
The Mark of the East
SS submarinesmall.png
MarinerA Notable OccasionScionSurveyed: Abbey RockSurveyed: Adam's WaySurveyed: AestivalSurveyed: Avid HorizonSurveyed: Chapel of LightsSurveyed: CodexSurveyed: Demeaux IslandSurveyed: Empire of HandsSurveyed: FrostfoundSurveyed: Gaider's MournSurveyed: GodfallSurveyed: Grand GeodeSurveyed: Hunter's KeepSurveyed: IremSurveyed: Isle of CatsSurveyed: Khan's HeartSurveyed: Khan's ShadowSurveyed: Kingeater's CastleSurveyed: Mt PalmerstonSurveyed: NuncioSurveyed: Pigmote IsleSurveyed: PolythremeSurveyed: Port CarnelianSurveyed: Port CecilSurveyed: Quaker's HavenSurveyed: Saviour's RocksSurveyed: Shepherd IslesSurveyed: Station IIISurveyed: the ChelonateSurveyed: the Fathomking's HoldSurveyed: the Mangrove CollegeSurveyed: The Salt LionsSurveyed: the UttershroomSurveyed: VarchasSurveyed: VenderbightSurveyed: VisageSurveyed: WhitherSurveyed: WisdomThe Mark of the EastThe Western StigmaThe Scars of the NorthThe Touch of the South