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An Exile Aboard?
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS correspondence1gaz.png Codex
Data ID 153222

An Exile Aboard? is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[]

An Exile Aboard? is triggered when you dock in SS correspondence1gaz.png Codex and do the following:

    Do Strategic Information for the Admiralty action

Story description[]

"A Mute Exile wants to join your crew. Will you permit it?"


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Permit it

...though other zailors clutch their zee-talismans and make signs against evil. The folk of Whither are uncanny: those who are exiled to Codex must be more so.

Welcome her aboard

She can't, or won't, speak, but it's clear she knows the zee. She'll do well, this one.

Refuse it

You'll pick your crew more carefully.

She shrugs and turns away

You can't see her face. Does she even care? You're a long way from everywhere that matters.

Rare event (35%)
She spits on the ground

...shakes her head, slowly: and makes a complex sign with her hand. The sea crashes on the shore. Someone is watching.

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An Exile Aboard?
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