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An Oasis of Sorts
SS wakegaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Explore
Linked to SS Locations Mount Palmerston.png Mount Palmerston
Data ID 141253

An Oasis of Sorts is a Sunless Sea Explore Random Event.

Trigger conditions[]

An Oasis of Sorts can be triggered in SS Locations Mount Palmerston.png Mount Palmerston by doing the following:

Location Requirements

Event description[]

A quiet hollow. A stream of sweet dark water. A grove of parasynthetic fruit trees, boughs heavy with symbiotic fungus.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Resupply, but keep away from the stream

Trees rarely attack. Fish, as any zailor knows, are chancier.

Gall-fruits and fresh water

A tranquil hour gathering the lumpy, sweet-tasting stuff from the trees and refilling your water casks. Best mark the spot.

Fish in the stream

Now and again, lazy, menacing ripples disturb the surface. There's more in there than sticklebacks.

    SS cardfansmall.png Luck challenge (70% to win)

Failed event
Almost a monster

The strangling horror that emerges from the water is - you learn later - four feet eight inches in length. Consequently it falls short of the five feet six inches which would qualify it as a monstrosity under Department of Menace Eradication guidelines. This is little comfort to the screaming seaman in whom it embeds its many mouths. You extinguish its horrid life with a flurry of gaff-hooks, but too late for him...

Successful event

You return to the ship with gall-fruit, gloam-carp and freshly filled water-casks. This has been a good day.

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