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An Unprepossessing Mass
SS bloodstainsmall.png
Category Quality
Type Misc
Data ID 108750

An Unprepossessing Mass is considered a Misc Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

SS appallingsecretgaz.png Open an Unprepossessing Mass

Quality description[]

"An appalling glob of organic matter and dripping fluids, retrieved from somewhere you'd rather not think about."


An Unprepossessing Mass is a placeholder stat that produces random item drops. It can be obtained from killing certain monsters, or from certain island interactions. Monsters known to drop this include:

The Unpreposessing Mass value can always be seen before making a decision to use the Mass, or to throw it overboard, which removes the placeholder stat with no other effects. Many values never produce negative effects.

After getting An Unprepossessing Mass, it triggers the SS appallingsecretgaz.png Open an Unprepossessing Mass event.

Quality status[]

An Unprepossessing Mass does not have a status description.

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