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Another Contest of Stories
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS lowbarnetsmall.png Low Barnet
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Another Contest of Stories is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[]

The pews are full, but there's room for another contestant. Could you win the audience with tales of your adventures?

Game note: Increase your Storyteller quality to improve your chances of victory.


Another Contest of Stories is available through the “Participate in another contest of stories” interaction in SS lowbarnetsmall.png Low Barnet after completion of the A Contest of Stories event. This interaction requires SS gamekeeper cottagesmall.png Something Awaits You and at least 4 x SS declaimsmall.png Low Barnet: Storyteller.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Take advice from the Wandering Parson

He's been mingling with the congregation.

An end to whimsy

The Parson takes you aside. "Every day, these people hear fables and fabrications. Give them something true."

"And if you win..." He nods towards the bell tower. "I would be very interested in seeing what goes on in there.

Wait for the next one

You are not yet ready to take the stage.

Tell a tale of Aigul...

...and the whispering clot of regrets bristling beneath the waves.

Failed event Game note: To unlock this branch, assist the Imperious Sister.

An opportunity missed

You try to relate your solitary journey through the regrets of Aigul. Yet the experience is too alien to convey. Your rival tells an action-packed tale of pursuit through the Corsair's Forest and wins the day.

Successful event
Sharp as needles

You tell the story of an ordinary man who made an ordinary mistake. Of how he hid it. Of how it consumed him. Of how his guilt grew stodgy and ripe as black pudding.

Deep below, something stirred on the zee bed: the garden of regrets; Aigul, the shivering spine-city. Aigul draws regrets like a magnet pulls iron filings, impaling them on its numberless needles. No shame is too trivial for whispering Aigul; no remorse too mundane. Perhaps your audience has regrets of their own?

They avoid each others' eyes, and yours. Some rub at their skin, as if imagining the insistent pressure of unseen needles. You are declared, unanimously, the winner of the contest.

Tell a tale of Dahut...

...and the thin membrane separating its lies from its truth.

Failed event Game note: To unlock this option, explore festivals in Dahut.

Too much, too soon

Your audience is listless, still distracted by your rival's thrilling tale of descent into the fires of Mount Palmerston. Perhaps another time they'll be ready for something a little more cerebral.

Successful event
You tell of Dahut's deceptions

How the moon-glow of perfect, porcelain skin conceals doughy flesh the colour of milk on the turn. How the slender marble pillars are only columns of crooked brick, crumbling, encroached by hungry coral. How an unearthly liturgy masks banality, nonsense, drudgery, and emptiness.

The audience shudders. They declare you the victor.

Tell a tale of the Gant Pole...

...where the zee goes to die.

Failed event Game note: To unlock this option, win the favour of the old zailors at the Gant Pole.

An old chestnut

As soon as you claim you've visited the Gant Pole, laughter breaks out. Several listeners ask whether you found their pocketwatches. It seems you have strayed too close to a hoary tale which has been told here too often. Perhaps you could try another time, and a different approach.

Successful event
The peligin deeps

This is a tale of dying. Of vast beasts sinking to their last. Of the chambers of a dead stone heart. Of old zailors, wearied of their journeys, searching for a final paradise. They find only the deep dark, and the cold, and slow starvation attenuated by infrequent, gorging, peligin feasts. The audience murmurs, wondering what their own deaths will be like.


Links In[]

SS lowbarnetsmall.png Low Barnet

Links Out[]

SS lowbarnetsmall.png Low Barnet

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