Another Day: Nasty Things in the Dark
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Category Quality
Type Another Day

Another Day: Nasty Things in the Dark is one of the Quality in Sunless Sea that is linked to the Shattered Citadel in Godfall.



Quality status

Another Day: Nasty Things in the Dark has different statuses according to your actions, defined by the comment in front of the quality.

Journal description

  • [1] Something's out there

Interaction description

  • [1] Horrors walk
  • [11] Darkness coils
  • [21] Dreams wait
  • [31] Stone drops
  • [41] Echo, echo...
  • [51] Light flares
  • [61] Wind gusts
  • [71] Shadows flicker
  • [81] Silence...silence
  • [91] Hearts pound
  • [92] A child screams
  • [93] Spiders scuttle
  • [94] Pits gape
  • [95] Still water
  • [96] Distant laughter
  • [97] Scuffed footsteps
  • [98] Pale fungus
  • [99] Memories...
  • [100] (Don't look)


This quality is gained by going down the Shattered Citadel in Godfall during the Exploring The Shattered Citadel event.

Once you go deeper into the Shattered Citadel, your Another Day: Nasty Things in the Dark level will trigger a certain event. This also applies when you retrace your steps.

Nasty Things in the Dark Effects
Horrors walk 1 to 10
Darkness coils 11 to 20
Dreams wait 21 to 30
Stone drops 31 to 40
Echo, echo... 41 to 50
Light flares 51 to 60
Wind gusts 61 to 70
Shadows flicker 71 to 80
Silence...silence 81 to 90
A child screams 92
Pits gape 92
Spiders scuttle 93
Still water 95
Scuffed footsteps 97
Pale fungus 98
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