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Another Day: Time, the Healer
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Category Quality
Type Another Day
Data ID 110360

Another Day: Time, the Healer is considered an Another Day Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

It is linked to the progress of time while playing the game.

Quality description[]

"Your time at zee will change you... and London."


This quality is gained and increases by +6 to +10 by docking in SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London when you have SS gamekeeper cottagesmall.png Something Awaits You and by choosing the Collect messages from the Harbourmaster action. You will see the message "Something has changed in the Neath".


Once you have this quality, certain interaction may be affected. Since this quality represents the game time, certain interactions require that you do them in a certain period of time.

For instance, you can only do the action Of wine in Godfall while your Another Day: Time, the Healer ≤ 199.

Also, Mutton Island may change with Another Day: Time, the Healer ≥ 40, one reason why you might want to keep this value low (until you farm Iron and Veils from Mutton Island).

Many ports will have trades of common Curiosity items available after Another Day: Time, the Healer ≥ 50. Sometimes these interactions require you to trade something specific in exchange for something (possibly) more valuable.

Here's a handy list of these opportunities: (Click Expand on the right to open it)

Location Action and Requirements Effects Notes
Abbey Rock The Sisters need provisions for the Feast of St Neot A trade Game note: Trade a Strange Catch for a consignment of Scintillack. Ensure you have a place in your hold!
Gaider's Mourn A Gleaming Marauder is assembling an immense hoard of Drowning Pearls “Another pebble for the mountain!” Game note: Trade a Drowning-Pearl for two Solacefruits.
Irem Sacrifice a Lamentable Relic Life lived Game note: Trade a Lamentable Relic for two Moves in the Great Game.
Khan's Shadow Have a One-Eyed Scrimshander carve something from your Hunting Trophy "He runs his knobbled fingers over the trophy; clicks his tongue. "Good bone"" Game note: Trade a Hunting-Trophy for four Watchful Curios.
Shepherd Isles A Retired Monster-Hunter wants something to remember his glory days "The tomb"
Chapel of Lights Provide Salt for their feasts Grinding Game note: Trade three Ambiguous Eoliths for an Extraordinary Implication.
Codex Offer the shivering monkeys a Lamentable Relic Religion and Science Game note: Trade a Lamentable Relic for three Unread Logs.
Demeaux Island Provide a respite from mushrooms A desperate joy

Game note: Trade two Strange Catches for a Sooth & Cooper Long-Box

The Chelonate Show off a Hunting Trophy
The Uttershroom Experiment with your Strange Catch "New growth"

Quality status[]

Another Day: Time, the Healer has different status according to your actions, defined by the number in front of the quality.

Journal description[]

  • [1] Ever-changing

Interaction description[]

  • [1] Something has changed in the Neath
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