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Bandaged Chef-Paramount
Bandaged Chef-Paramount
Position Cook

SS heartssmall.png +9 x Hearts
SS pensmall.png +5 x Pages

Bandaged Chef-Paramount is a potential Cook crew member.

Character description[]

"His mastery of fish-flesh would make an emperor weep."


The Bandaged Chef-Paramount can be obtained by following the Bandaged Poissonnier's storyline. The Bandaged Chef-Paramount can be left at the Fathomking's Hold to fulfill the Your Father's Bones: a Willing Guest for the Fathomking requirement for the Burying Your Father's Bones Ambition.


Actions Requirements Effects
Increase your Hearts

"Let us speak, my captain, of the nature of edibility..."

Culinary philosophies

"To be edible, is to be possible to be consumed. And to be living, is to consume. Thus we find that the nature of the unliving is to be consumed. In fact, therefore, anything that is not living may be consumed - "

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