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Bat Swarm
Type Monster
Stats Health: 20
Location Tomb Colonies


Little leathery corpses lie scattered across your deck. The rest of the swarm vanishes into the Neathy dark...


Their attack pattern is simple, they first get close and then attack the crew.

Game Data[]

Note, these are literal values taken from game file. Auroral Megalops included for reference.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Gather up the corpses

They are succulent with stolen blood. Into the pot!

An unorthodox diet

Those little bones are troublesome, and the flesh a little gamey, but salt them well enough and they're quite edible.

Dispose of the corpses

Their mere touch leaves you shuddering.

Over the side

Their eyes are still fierce in death. Zailors sweep them overboard with brooms, careful not to touch them.

Game note: This will slightly reduce Terror.