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Caminus Yards
Category Shop
Part of London
Located in Fallen London
Data value 33


Caminus Yards is a shop in Fallen London that sells diverse useful ship equipment. This is where the good stuff is, if you can afford it.

Shop Description[]

London: "Cargoes, treasures, weapons, secrets. Mischief."

Caminus Yards: "The dangerously jovial Mr Fires manufactures the most intimidating, least carefully tested devices."


Name Buy Sell Notes
SS clayman7small.png WE ARE CLAY SS echosmall.png +300 x Echo
SS ratsendersmall.png Rattus Faber Assistant SS echosmall.png -100 x Echo SS echosmall.png +0 x Echo Ammunition for Caminus Yards Pneumatic Ratsender, which itself can no longer be bought in Fallen London.
SS launcher purplesmall.png Caminus Yards 'Bandersnatch' SS echosmall.png -600 x Echo SS echosmall.png +300 x Echo Forward-mounted; fires torpedoes. Best torpedo-launcher.
SS mechanismsmall.png Caminus Yards Avid Suppressor SS echosmall.png -800 x Echo SS echosmall.png +400 x Echo
SS gun purplesmall.png Caminus Yards Hellthrasher SS echosmall.png -900 x Echo SS echosmall.png +450 x Echo Deck-mounted. Best deck gun.
SS flenser purplesmall.png Caminus Yards Heart-Ender SS echosmall.png -900 x Echo SS echosmall.png +450 x Echo Forward-mounted. Best "standard" forward-gun you can buy.
SS aft purplesmall.png Caminus Yards 'D__nation' SS echosmall.png -900 x Echo SS echosmall.png +450 x Echo Aft-mounted. Best rear weapon.
SS engine compulsionsmall.png Caminus Yards 'Compulsion' SS echosmall.png -5000 x Echo SS echosmall.png +0 x Echo Fastest purchasable engine, although it tends to gulp fuel.
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