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Carrow's Naval Surplus
Category Shop
Part of London
Located in Fallen London
Data value 16


Carrow's Naval Surplus is a shop in Fallen London that supplies ships with both weapons and equipment. Don't sail the zee without visiting his shop.

Shop Description[]

London: "Cargoes, treasures, weapons, secrets. Mischief."

Carrow's Naval Surplus: "Mr Carrow has found a use for the equipment once sold to the sadly reduced Royal Navy. "


Name Buy Sell Notes
SS torpedosmall.png Torpedo Components SS echosmall.png -5 x Echo SS echosmall.png +1 x Echo Ammunition; also needed in some quests. As a Curiosity, it doesn't take up hold space.
SS gun basicsmall.png Leadbeater & Stainrod Reconditioned Frigate-Surplus Deck-Gun Mark II SS echosmall.png -50 x Echo SS echosmall.png +10 x Echo Deck-mounted
SS netsmall.png Torpedo Nets SS echosmall.png -100 x Echo SS echosmall.png +10 x Echo
SS launcher basicsmall.png Leadbeater & Stainrod 'Seaworm' SS echosmall.png -100 x Echo SS echosmall.png +50 x Echo Forward-mounted; fires torpedoes
SS gun bluesmall.png Cotterell & Hathersage 'Reproach' SS echosmall.png -200 x Echo SS echosmall.png +100 x Echo Deck-mounted
SS flenser basicsmall.png Leadbeater & Stainrod 'Britomart' Flensing-Cannon SS echosmall.png -200 x Echo SS echosmall.png +100 x Echo Forward-mounted
SS launcher bluesmall.png Leadbeater & Stainrod 'Winnower' SS echosmall.png -300 x Echo SS echosmall.png +150 x Echo Forward-mounted; fires torpedoes
SS aft basicsmall.png Leadbeater & Stainrod 'Scorpion' SS echosmall.png -300 x Echo SS echosmall.png +150 x Echo Aft-mounted
SS gun bluesmall.png Cotterell & Hathersage 'Majesty' SS echosmall.png -300 x Echo SS echosmall.png +150 x Echo Forward-mounted
SS flenser bluesmall.png Stampshod's 'Calvary' Prong Launcher SS echosmall.png -500 x Echo SS echosmall.png +250 x Echo Forward-mounted
SS gun greensmall.png Cotterell & Hathersage 'Denunciation' SS echosmall.png -500 x Echo SS echosmall.png +250 x Echo Deck-mounted
SS launcher greensmall.png Cotterell & Hathersage Pneumatic Dynamite Torpedo-Gun SS echosmall.png -600 x Echo SS echosmall.png +300 x Echo Forward-mounted; fires torpedoes
SS cannonsmall.png Cotterell & Hathersage 'Discouragement' SS echosmall.png -600 x Echo SS echosmall.png +300 x Echo Aft-mounted
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