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Choose an Ambition
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Category Story Event
Type Misc
Linked to Character creation
Data ID 145720

Choose an Ambition is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

It determines the victory conditions for your game. Once you pick an ambition, you will have to stay with it until the game is finished.

Trigger conditions[]

Choose an Ambition is triggered if you do any action in the SS jigsawgaz.png Who were you? event and have the following:

Story description[]

What does winning mean to you?


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Your Father's Bones

Your father was lost at zee. You never knew him, but you've often dreamed of him. Find and return his remains to London for a decent burial.

    Full fathom five?

    Find where he fell, and bring him home

    Game note: When you've found your father's bones, you can retire to victory. Explore Fallen London to find your first clue.

    Gather a hundred tales. Learn all you can of the zee. Write a masterpiece. Retire.

    Game note: Whenever you return to Fallen London, you have the option of retiring: but you'll need to write your masterwork first.

    You know how it is to be poor. Now you want a mansion, servants, fine clothes. A family, perhaps.

    Beyond the dreams...

    The Unterzee is full of riches. Death and darkness, too, but it's worth the gamble.

    Game note: To win, gather a substantial retirement fund, upgrade your lodgings to a mansion, and retire.

    Eternal life sounds like something you'd enjoy. And it's said that the Presbyter - the ruler of the Elder Continent - has lived forever.

    Tall tales

    The Presbyterate guards its secrets fiercely. But amidst the clamour and beer-stains of the Blind Helmsman a Salt-Scarred Navigator is telling tales of the continent's deepest interior. Of a city called Nidah, and the origin of the Presbyter's long life. Where is he getting his information?

    Bring wine. He is susceptible to wine.

    Game note: You will find the Navigator, and your first clue, in London.
    The Uttermost East

    Find what lies beyond the map's edge.

    Game note: This is now a hidden victory condition.

    A Private Kingdom

    Establish a colony where you are absolute ruler. A utopia, perhaps. Perhaps.

    Find a suitable location - somewhere hospitable, but uninhabited


    Game note: You can't choose this now, but you may find an opportunity to switch to it later in game.

    Not implemented[]

    Actions Requirements Effects Notes

    A seventh, hidden, self-destructive ambition, or no ambition at all.

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