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Cladery Heir
Cladery Heir
Position Surgeon

SS heartssmall.png +6 x Hearts
SS ironsmall.png +6 x Iron
+1 x A Doctor Aboard

Data ID 127581

The Cladery Heir is a potential Officer crew member. The Cladery Heir is an experienced surgeon specializing in amputation of unwanted desires and longings. Her mother, also a brilliant surgeon, once performed an operation on London's Echo Bazaar itself, cut out a lobe that yearned for travels and reconstructed this living part of the Bazaar to become a living ship, The Cladery Heart.

Character description[]

"An expert in amputations."


The Cladery Heir can be obtained through the Consider a specialist surgeon event in Fallen London. She was previously only available to Kickstarter backers but was added to the game as a free update on January 31st, 2017.

  • The Cladery Heir's questline involves collecting SS knifesmall.png Cladery Souvenirs, small amputated pieces of flesh containing unwanted desires. Success of certain interactions with the Cladery Heir depends on the number of SS knifesmall.png Cladery Souvenirs collected.
  • The Cladery Heir misguidedly believes her father was Mr. Iron, one of the Masters of the Bazaar. Her actual father is a tomb-colonist in Venderbight. Do not push her about meeting her father without collecting enough SS knifesmall.png Cladery Souvenirs: in case of a failed event, the Cladery Heir leaves permanently.
  • By raising Learning About: The Cladery Heir Quality, you pick up the trail of The Cladery Heart in Adam's Way, continuing Khan's Shadow, Frostfound and, finally, in Port Carnelian.
  • Once The Cladery Heart is recovered in Port Carnelian, you have a number of choices, including to sink the ship, or to keep it but losing the Cladery Heir. There are two ways to keep both the ship and the Cladery Heir: either successfully push her about meeting her father beforehand, or collect enough SS knifesmall.png Cladery Souvenirs to ensure she'll wish to stay with you when you offer to buy the ship (9 Cladery Souvenirs for 100%).
    • Pay attention! If you decide to keep the Cladery Heart your ship will be instantly changed into the Heart, and you will lose your current one! You'll also jump to full crew capacity. This means you may want to change to a simpler ship first and retrieve some money back, and also stock on Supplies to keep travelling, as Hunger will increase much faster and there's no easy way to reduce the crew numbers. To change to another ship, you'll have to pay for it again at Fallen London.
  • Cladery Heir can amputate your Menaces: Yearning, Burning, but only once.


Speak with the Cladery Heir[]

She works with two scalpels at a time, or with a scalpel and a tined instrument, pinning open the flesh she's working on. Her operations are brisk and yield very little blood.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Invite her to dine with you
Does she wield a fork the way she wields a surgical instrument?
Precise bite sizes

The cooked flesh arrives still in its shell. From the claws, eight legs, body, and head, she renders a dozen neat bite-sized piles of shredded flesh, sutured with mushroom, or pinned together with a needle of chiton. Perhaps she has missed a calling as a chef?

She denies it. "My mother was the child of a surgeon in the First City. You might say that knifework runs in the family." There is a wicked quirking smile at the corner of her mouth. "Then there are the rumours about my father. She would deny there's any truth in those."

Her father...?

She becomes more talkative when she has something to cut. Perhaps you can get her to say more about her father.

Who was he, then?

There's flensing, deboning, an orderly arranging of scales from large to small. "This was the creature's favourite organ," she says, working briskly with tweezers and blade. "Don't touch it. The purple bits are toxic."

She only turns to personal matters when she's had a chance to rinse her fingers. "I get my proficiency with metal from both sides of the family," she says, watching your expression closely. Then: "Mother was a favourite with Mr Iron. She says that they only worked together, that Mr Iron sponsored her work and provided her with tools. Sharper tools that do not bend so easily."

Mr Iron? Truly?

Find her during an operation. Does the blood of London's cowled Masters really run through her veins?

Twisted smile

You sit with her in a surgery lined with bottles of preserved and pickled body parts.

"I can't offer you proof," she says. "The only strange tongue I speak is my mother's, which is ancient but human. Blades can cut me. I'm not immune to fire (though perhaps the Masters are not either). But I have not met anyone who shares my particular skills. And I know my mother. I cannot see her in any ordinary liaison with an ordinary man, much less a husband. She was in her third millennium when she bore me."

Tell her about meeting her father

She should know the truth.

A skeptical expression

Did he offer proof? Did he look familiar? Did he know secrets about her mother that no one else could have known? Did you even see his face, under all those bandages? Did you even hear his real voice? He could have been anyone! He could have been looking for the Cladery Heir's inheritance, and using you to find out more!

Then she avoids you for a day or two, which is not easy at sea.

Explore her Surgery

On her shelf she keeps things preserved in alcohol or packed in oil. Things she cut from patients.

Why do you have this tailbone?

"These are souvenirs," she says. "Here's the patch of skin from the palm of a woman's hand. I took it from her in order to cure her of the urge to adultery. Now she wears gloves, but she's kept her marriage."

"There's more difficult work I could be doing." She is playing her blade between her fingers. "Did you know my mother operated on the Bazaar itself? She cut away its cladent lobe so that it would be at peace and not have to wander on and on. But the operation changed her. She got some of the ichor on her skin."

Game note: To acquire a Cladery Souvenir, you must find something for the Heir to operate on. Certain unusual items might do, or you can find opportunities to gain one at some ports.

What happened to the cladent lobe?

If the Cladery Heir's mother cut off a piece of London's Echo Bazaar, where did it go?

An awkward inheritance

"Mother experimented on the lobe, various ways, with Mr Iron bringing her new implements. It wanted to be on the move, however, and in the end she put it on a ship, or built a ship around it: the Cladery Heart. But it got away from her."

Game note: To acquire a Cladery Souvenir, you must find something for the Heir to operate on. Certain unusual items might do, or you can find opportunities to gain one at some ports.

Where is the Cladery Heart now?

And would she care to claim her inheritance?

Too casual

"Last my mother heard, it was in Adam's Way, or somewhere further into the Elder Continent. It might still be zeeworthy. In its day, it was a most unusual ship. Do I want it back? I try not to want anything too much. But if you cared to travel in that direction, I could hardly stop you."

When you wait long enough, she says a little more. "I avoid obsessions, myself. But I know one of these days I'll have to operate on myself. Remove some desire that has gotten too unwieldy."

Push her about meeting her father

Try to convince her that her father is not Mr Iron. She is clinging to this idea.

Failed event Game note: If things go poorly, you will lose her.


No no no.

You must be jealous of her history. You must be trying to manage her for yourself. You must have been using her for the Cladery Heart all along. She has no more use for you. People like her can make their fortunes anywhere.

You don't see her go, but when you check the ship in the morning, she has gone. Overboard? Did she swim? However she went, she took her knives and her specimens with her.

Successful event
Hard to let go

Her mother is not the concubine of a Master. Her father will never bring her knife-steel tempered in a baby star. Her lineage is merely human. Her city is only the mortal city that first fell into the Bazaar. She must give up waiting for an unimaginable future to blossom of its own accord.

The two of you speak about it late into the night, and then she goes into her operating room with a scalpel and a mirror.

When she comes out, she has her small toe preserved in a whiskey jar, and a happy indifference to the question of her parentage.

Raise the subject of the Cladery Heart

Is it worth seeking the ship further in Khan's Shadow?

Not determined, but not giving up

"It's a unique ship, of course. I wouldn't want to recommend any foolish efforts to find her, but if she's there for the taking..." The Cladery Heir shrugs. "My mother always liked a challenge."

Speak to the Heir of the Cladery Heart

At Khan's Shadow, they said to look at Frostfound...

Dead, or merely hibernating?

"If the ship is in ice, then perhaps the cladent lobe has frozen. The Cladery Heart might be no more than an ordinary vessel now... still, even if that is so, there would be much to study." But whatever she says, the Cladery Heir plainly hopes to find the ship alive.

Increase your Hearts
The best way to extract a secret is to offer one in turn.

It's a straight trade: one of your best discoveries for one of hers. It's not hard to drive the bargain. She sits back after dinner and tells you this:

"Most people think that the hard part of surgery is finding what's wrong and taking it out, but any fool could do that. A ship's cook with a cleaver can have that part of the job. The hard part is cutting so you can sew it all back up again afterwards." And she demonstrates on a shark fin, leaving it in a better condition than it started.

Game note: Spend a Secret to improve your Hearts, unless it's higher than 100.

Let her have her experiment
She has expressed an interest in experimenting with the content of a Long-Box.
Failed event Game note: This will produce a Cladery Souvenir, and may have additional results.

Box delivered to the surgery

She investigates the box when there are no patients urgent for her attention. You are not allowed to attend. Afterwards, she pushes the box overboard, and there's a new item in her surgery: an uneven ball of silvery metal, the wrong shape for a spent bullet.

Successful event
Box delivered to the surgery

She refuses to let you watch while she works on the contents of the box. But afterward, she is in a dark mood, and complains in generalities. People are fools. No one dares face up to what is wrong with them. Hiding a secret from yourself does not make it go away. Pretending anger doesn't exist is not the same thing as patience.

Whatever operation she's just done, she's kept a souvenir from it, but she won't show anyone what it is. She wraps it in cotton wool and keeps it in a little lacquered box left over from the sale of tea.

Give the Cladery Heir a Prisoner to cut open

"This prisoner seeks revenge. I can make them stop wanting that."

Failed event Game note: This may lose a prisoner and may create a souvenir.

Not much left

The Cladery Heir emerges from her surgery in a depressed mood. The body is wrapped in linen for disposal.

"There was nothing wrong with the technique," she tells you. "If they'd been willing, it might have cured them of certain ailments... but they fought back under the knife. And what I extracted wouldn't be fit to stuff a sausage."

Successful event
Better off

The Cladery Heir emerges from her surgery in a curiously light mood. The body is wrapped in linen for disposal.

"This is happier than living would have been." She holds up a sort of tumor floating in yellow liquid, its tendrils extending in various directions. "The prisoner would have died in a month or two. The difference is, I took out the pain."

Rare successful event (12%)
Much better off
The Cladery Heir comes out of the surgery with an earlobe. The prisoner goes back to their cell, whistling. "There's not a day of their life since childhood that they haven't thought of killing a certain person," says the Heir. "Now they don't have to think of it any more."
Let the Cladery Heir have a Blemmigan

She has expressed interest in discovering how it works. Why does it propagate? Where is its obsession located?

Failed event
The wrong implements

She goes in with knives and glass plates and lenses. She comes out with a heap of minced fungus. "It's no good," she says. "The motive power is too diffuse within the entity. Unless you want some of this for a stew?"

Successful event

This will require special equipment: the smallest knives, magnification lenses, strong light, a sieve. Do you have some finely-woven silk by any chance? No matter, it was a whim...

She works all night. In the morning, the blemmigan is gone and she has a vial of shifting, cosmogone powder. "I would advise against eating any of this, unless you fancy a very altered state of mind."

Ask her help with the Sigil-Ridden Navigator

If anyone could assist with him, surely it is the Cladery Heir.

A grim headshake

"The sigil is an outside power," she says. "And it's consumed too much of him. If I cut it out, there would be nothing left."

Volunteer for your own Cladery Operation

You yearn. She could make the yearning stop.

The knife cuts

She asks what you want removed. Then she makes you consent three times to having it taken away.

Then, the blade. There's pain in your ear, yes, but that is not the chief sensation. The other thing is a noise and a resistance like shears through heavy cloth. It is located in your mind and at the back of your neck. Your eyes go black.

"I haven't blinded you," she says mildly, as you sit there blinking and swallowing. "But it will feel for a time as if I had. You lost a great deal of light."

Give her your White Mollyflower

When you bought it, they told you it would take away delusions. But how does it work?

Failed event
A study, and insights

She draws the creature in both its appearances, as fish and as blossom. Afterwards, she gives you an account of how it works, but you understand perhaps one sentence in ten.

When you ask her to explain a second time, she takes off her hat and glares at you.

Successful event
A study, and insights

She draws the creature in both its appearances, as fish and as blossom. "I operate on desires. Compulsions. Requirements. Sometimes those compulsions are based in self-delusion, and that is where the Mollyflower might come in handy. Dull the pain of parting with a bad wish."

Proposition the Cladery Heir

Despite her ironical eye.

No caresses

She undresses you and stands scowling at you, as if choosing where to make an incision.

Then: fingertips and the point of her tongue. She is not exactly impatient, but determined and precise, and she knows exactly what will produce the most intense sensation. Your vision blackens near the end, but she never quite goes too far.

When you are too drained and dizzy to move, she gives you a smug look that you could possibly interpret as affection.

Answer questions about your past
You've kept your secrets long enough.
Game note: Unmask yourself! This will allow you to select a Past, Ambition, and form of preferred address - also providing you with a specialist ability bonus.

Interactions in Brief[]

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Interaction Action Result Type Change
Iron & Misery Company Funging Station 'A bandaged funger' Requirement ≥ 1
The Tomb-Colony of Venderbight 'Someone trying to get your attention' Requirement ≥ 1
Adam's Way 'Ask storytellers about the Cladery Heart' Requirement ≥ 1
Adam's Way 'Ask storytellers about the Cladery Heart's departure' Requirement ≥ 1
Adam's Way 'Ask storytellers about how to retrieve the Cladery Heart' Requirement ≥ 1
Frostfound 'Extract the Cladery Heart' Requirement ≥ 1
Irem 'Cure an obsession not yet acquired' Requirement ≥ 1
Kingeater's Castle 'Eat your crew' Default / Challenge Fail = 0
Khan's Shadow 'Seek the Cladery Heart among the abandoned hulls' Requirement ≥ 1
Khan's Shadow 'Ask about the Cladery Heart among the Shipwrights' Requirement ≥ 1
The Cumaean Canal Staging Area 'Have the Cladery Heir perform an urgent intervention' Requirement ≥ 1
Port Carnelian 'Refer a patient to the Cladery Heir' Requirement ≥ 1
The Inky Blotter 'Allow the Cladery Heir to offer her services' Requirement ≥ 1
Aigul 'Have the Cladery Heir remove the First Mate's unhealthy need for Aigul' Requirement ≥ 1

Interactions in Detail[]

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Story Action Required Effect
Iron & Misery Company Funging Station A bandaged funger Default:

The Tomb-Colony of Venderbight Someone trying to get your attention Default:

Adam's Way Ask storytellers about the Cladery Heart Default:
Ask storytellers about the Cladery Heart's departure Default:
Ask storytellers about how to retrieve the Cladery Heart Default:

Frostfound Extract the Cladery Heart Default:

Irem Cure an obsession not yet acquired Default:

Kingeater's Castle Eat your crew Default:

Khan's Shadow Seek the Cladery Heart among the abandoned hulls Default:
Ask about the Cladery Heart among the Shipwrights Default:

The Cumaean Canal Staging Area Have the Cladery Heir perform an urgent intervention Default:

Port Carnelian Refer a patient to the Cladery Heir Default:

The Inky Blotter Allow the Cladery Heir to offer her services Default:
Aigul Have the Cladery Heir remove the First Mate's unhealthy need for Aigul Default:
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