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Located in Boreal Reach
Ports Yes
Shops SS sailorsmall.png Harbour Provisioners
Shipyard No
Data ID 153215

On the northern ice lands, far away from SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London, is the Isle of Codex whose inhabitants are either mutes or shivering, bad-tempered monkeys.

Port description[]

An isle of answers.

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions The Isle of Codex.png The Isle of Codex[]

Location description[]

Codex: a desperate caveful of mute exiles, and an inexplicable colony of shivering, bad-tempered monkeys.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Strategic Information for the Admiralty

Make the pass-sign to a Mute Exile.

    ( Retrieve Strategic Information from Codex, far north of London )

Nod, nod, shrug

She hands you an oilskin pouch. Nine foolscap sheets of beautifully written cipher, gathered from who knows what corners of the Unterzee. You look up: she points across the water towards the distant lights of Whither town. She shakes her head. No home there for her, not now. She points to your ship, and raises her eyebrows.

Put a blemmigan ashore

How do blemmigans deal with the cold?

Not well

It scurries desperately back up the gang-plank, shrilling pathetically. Not a fan of ice, apparently.

Acquire a Doomed Monster-Hunter

This one has waited all her life for a single answer. Give her that answer, and she will be ready to lay down her life.

A cracked voice

"Thank you! Thank you. This is what I needed. This is enough."

She coughs rackingly. "I've waited so long to speak, and now - now I have nothing at all to say. Quickly, then. Find me my death."

Allow your Navigator to join the Mute Exiles

The stones of Codex crawl with sigils. Your Navigator steps into the enfolding silence of the glum, grey shore. His tattoo shivers like a nestling gull.

    ( Your Sigil-Ridden Navigator wishes to retire. Speak with him to learn where he might find peace. )


One of the Mute Exiles brings him a loaf of brown algae-bread. Another gives him a chipped jug of water. The Navigator does not thank you or say goodbye. From the moment he sets foot on the isle, he does not speak at all. But he takes your hand in his, briefly, before turning to the Exiles' cave.

As you leave, one of the Exiles tugs at your sleeve. He leads you to an unmarked stone the size of a church Bible, produces a chisel and hammer from his robe, and strikes the stone three times. It splits in half. Inside, a sigil the colour of quartz glistens, trapped in the stone like a fossil. The Exile gestures at you to take it.

    ( Your Sigil-Ridden Navigator has joined the Mute Exiles. )

Compile a Port Report

No one will speak. This is a challenge.

Silently forthright

The exiles see many come, fewer leave. Some are even willing to communicate - but their gestures are unfamiliar, the meanings unclear. Even when you can understand, these are answers without questions, as useless as a key without a lock.

Offer the shivering monkeys a Lamentable Relic

They will lay it before their mournful shrine. In exchange, they offer zee-stained log books from a battered chest.

Religion and Science

An irritable monkey snatches the relic and cradles it to the matted fur of its chest. Another - from a cautious distance - flings three log books at you, one after another. Each is filled with scientific field notes: this one of zee-soundings, this one of angler-crab behaviour, this one cataloguing the fossilised sigils of Codex.

Game note: Trade a Lamentable Relic for three Unread Logs.
Agree to a damp request

Seeing your ship, a Drownie approaches with purpose. After a soggy exchange, it seems he seeks passage to the underzee spire of Scrimshander.

A deal is struck

Few return from Scrimshander - not because of the danger, but because of the cost of leaving. Still, your guest promises compensation to cover the trip and your safe departure afterwards. How generous.

Planned interactions[]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Ask a question of the Mute Exiles ""
Ask a question of the Shivering Monkeys ""
Trade writing materials ""
Trade supplies ""
Someone wants to return home ""
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