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Curiosities are items that cannot be categorized as a piece of equipment (like weapon or engine) or other goods. Particularly, they don't take space in the cargo hold; i.e., they don't count as part of the player's inventory capacity.

Curiosities are listed in the hold's section with the same name, below the space consumptive goods.

Colour Curiosities[]

These curiosities are associated with The First Curator task, in Venderbight.

Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity
SS apocyanicsmall.png
A Page from 'The Neathbow': Apocyan
SS cosmogonesmall.png
A Page from 'The Neathbow': Cosmogone
SS gantsmall.png
A Page from 'The Neathbow': Gant
SS irrigosmall.png
A Page from 'The Neathbow': Irrigo
SS peliginsmall.png
A Page from 'The Neathbow': Peligin
SS violantpagesmall.png
A Page from 'The Neathbow': Violant
SS viricsmall.png
A Page from 'The Neathbow': Viric
SS junglesmall.png
A Phantasmal Encounter, 189-, Captain ------
SS violantsmall.png
A Pot of Violant Ink
SS skulleyelesssmall.png
Eyeless Skull
SS bookblacksmall.png

Knowledge Curiosities[]

Most of these items are information for The Dark-Spectacled Admiral. The rest is useful for you.

Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity
SS bazaardoor glasssmall.png
A Perfunctory Port Report: the Cumaean Canal
SS abbeyrock portsmall.png
A Port Report: Abbey Rock
SS adamscape portsmall.png
A Port Report: Adam's Way
SS aestival portsmall.png
A Port Report: Aestival
SS avidhorizon portsmall.png
A Port Report: Avid Horizon
SS correspondence1small.png
A Port Report: Codex
SS demeauxisland portsmall.png
A Port Report: Demeaux Island
SS empireofhands portsmall.png
A Port Report: Empire of Hands
SS fogsmall.png
A Port Report: Fallen London
SS frostfound portsmall.png
A Port Report: Frostfound
SS corsairsforest portsmall.png
A Port Report: Gaider's Mourn
SS godfall portsmall.png
A Port Report: Godfall
SS grandgeode portsmall.png
A Port Report: Grand Geode
SS hunterskeep portsmall.png
A Port Report: Hunter's Keep
SS irem portsmall.png
A Port Report: Irem
SS chartsmall.png
A Port Report: Isle of Cats
SS hunterskeep darksmall.png
A Port Report: Keep's End
SS khansheart portsmall.png
A Port Report: Khan's Heart
SS khansshadow portsmall.png
A Port Report: Khan's Shadow
SS kingeaterscastle portsmall.png
A Port Report: Kingeater's Castle
SS portpalmerstonsmall.png
A Port Report: Mt Palmerston

SS nuncio portsmall.png
A Port Report: Nuncio
SS ratalbinosmall.png
A Port Report: Pigmote Isle
SS polythreme portsmall.png
A Port Report: Polythreme
SS principlesofcoral portsmall.png
A Port Report: Port Cecil
SS portcarnelian portsmall.png
A Port Report: Port Carnelian
SS muttonisland portsmall.png
A Port Report: Quaker's Haven
SS spidermilliesmall.png
A Port Report: Saviour's Rocks
SS generic portsmall.png
A Port Report: Shepherd Isles
SS stationIII portsmall.png
A Port Report: Station III
SS chapeloflights portsmall.png
A Port Report: The Chapel of Lights
SS chelonate portsmall.png
A Port Report: The Chelonate
SS fathomkingshold portsmall.png
A Port Report: the Fathomking's Hold
SS ironrepublicsmall.png
A Port Report: The Iron Republic
SS coast2small.png
A Port Report: The Mangrove College
SS saltlions portsmall.png
A Port Report: The Salt Lions
SS uttershroom portsmall.png
A Port Report: The Uttershroom
SS varchas portsmall.png
A Port Report: Varchas, Closed to Outsiders
SS venderbightsmall.png
A Port Report: Venderbight
SS masksmall.png
A Port Report: Visage
SS whither portsmall.png
A Port Report: Whither
SS seaoflilies portsmall.png
A Port Report: Wisdom
SS jigsawsmall.png
SS island2small.png
Memory of Distant Shores
SS chesspiecesmall.png
Moves in the Great Game
SS gossipsmall.png
Recent News
SS chartsmall.png
Revelatory Chart
SS enigmasmall.png
Searing Enigma
SS whispered secretsmall.png
SS wilmotsendsmall.png
Strategic Information
SS scaryeyesmall.png
Tale of Terror!!
SS sunsetsmall.png
Vision of the Surface
SS wavesmall.png
SS implicationsmall.png
Extraordinary Implication

Plot Curiosities[]

These items linked to the progression of storylets.

Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity
SS blowflysmall.png
A Gift for the Wistful Deviless
SS papers5small.png
A Message from the Wistful Deviless
SS medalmoonsilversmall.png
Venturer's Medallion

Resource Curiosities[]

Items that are necessary to perform actions.

Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity
SS cherriessmall.png

Legacy Curiosities[]

Items that give you an advantage in your legacy.

Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity Portrait Curiosity
SS attackersmall.png
The Boke of Sharpes
SS bookblacksmall.png
The Horizon Codex
SS candleblacksmall.png
A Travelling Light
SS bookredsmall.png
A Dream of Red
SS bookdeadsmall.png
A Manual of Miracles
SS fogsmall.png
An Adumbration of Her Heart

Other Curiosities[]

Items that don't fit in other categories.

Portrait Curiosity Type Portrait Curiosity Type
SS chapsmoulderingsmall.png
A Locket with a Dapper Chap's Portrait Story
SS gleamsmall.png
A Lump of Blue Scintillack Common
SS bohogirl8small.png
A Locket with a Likely Lass' Portrait Story
SS horsesilversmall.png
A Pewter Horsehead Story
SS Items A Whalebone Token.png
A Whalebone Token Story
SS eolithsmall.png
Ambiguous Eolith Common
SS documentsmall.png
An Ironclad Will Story
SS flamessmall.png
Brimstone Buzzings Common
SS diamondsmall.png
Captivating Treasure Common
SS documentsmall.png
Deeds to a Steam Yacht Story
SS moonpearlsmall.png
Drowning-Pearl Common
SS echosmall.png
Echo Common
SS box2small.png
Heirloom Story
SS eyesmall.png
Hunter's Eye Common
SS toothsmall.png
Hunting-Trophy Common
SS bottledsoulwhitesmall.png
Judgements' Egg Common
SS Items Keeper-Moth.png
Keeper-Moth Story
SS skullsmall.png
Lamentable Relic Common
SS ring stonesmall.png
Nephrite Ring Story
SS guisemalesmall.png
Outlandish Artefact Common
SS ratsendersmall.png
Rattus Faber Assistant Ship
SS cindersmall.png
Ray-Drenched Cinder Common
SS doorsmall.png
Restful Night Common
SS booktearssmall.png
The Zong of the Zee Ship
SS torpedosmall.png
Torpedo Components Ship
SS suppliessmall.png
Saviour's Rocks: Trinkets. Just Trinkets. Common
SS appallingsecretsmall.png
Menaces: Unaccountably Peckish Common
SS bookbloodsmall.png
Unread Log Common
SS amber redsmall.png
Uttershroom Sporule Common
SS scrawl1small.png
Weeping Scar Story
SS bloodstainsmall.png
Menaces: Wounds Common
SS bottlecrystalsmall.png
An Unlikely Collection of Treatments Story
Common A Lump of Blue ScintillackA Perfunctory Port Report: the Cumaean CanalA Port Report: Abbey RockA Port Report: Avid HorizonA Port Report: Gaider's MournA Port Report: GodfallA Port Report: Hunter's KeepA Port Report: Keep's EndA Port Report: Khan's HeartA Port Report: Mt PalmerstonA Port Report: Pigmote IsleA Port Report: Port CecilA Port Report: Quaker's HavenA Port Report: Shepherd IslesA Port Report: Station IIIA Port Report: The UttershroomA Port Report: VenderbightA Port Report: WhitherA Pot of Violant InkAmbiguous EolithBrimstone BuzzingsCaptivating TreasureDrowning-PearlEchoEyeless SkullFragmentHunter's EyeHunting-TrophyJudgements' EggLamentable RelicMemory of Distant ShoresMoves in the Great GameOutlandish ArtefactA Port Report: Fallen LondonA Port Report: PolythremeA Port Report: The Chapel of LightsA Port Report: The Iron RepublicRay-Drenched CinderRecent NewsRestful NightRevelatory ChartSecretStrategic InformationTale of Terror!!Unaccountably PeckishUnread LogUttershroom SporuleVision of the SurfaceWoundZee-ztory
Ship Rattus Faber AssistantThe Zong of the ZeeTorpedo Components
Story A Gift for the Wistful DevilessA Locket with a Dapper Chap's PortraitA Locket with a Likely Lass' PortraitA Message from the Wistful DevilessA Page from 'The Neathbow': ApocyanA Page from 'The Neathbow': CosmogoneA Page from 'The Neathbow': GantA Page from 'The Neathbow': IrrigoA Page from 'The Neathbow': PeliginA Page from 'The Neathbow': ViolantA Page from 'The Neathbow': ViricA Pewter HorseheadA Phantasmal Encounter, 189-, Captain ------A Whalebone TokenAn Ironclad WillDeeds to a Steam YachtHeirloomKeeper-MothNephrite RingTHE NEATHBOWWeeping Scar