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Déjà vu
SS wilmotsendgaz.png
Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS wilmotsendgaz.png A Serpent-Image
Data ID 149113

Déjà vu is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[]

Déjà vu is triggered in the SS wilmotsendgaz.png A Serpent-Image event by doing the following:

    Do Take it action

Story description[]

"Here!" a zailor shouts. There's something nestled in the mossy crook of a grey-leafed tree. A wooden serpent, lacquered with black, red and yellow. Its eyes are garnet flakes. "That'd fetch a good price at the Bazaar," the zailor observes. "But it has a cursy look," points out another.

This has all happened before, exactly like this. Are you losing your mind?


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
So what?

If fortune has put a treasure in your way twice over, then good for fortune. Onwards!

Approving murmurs
Refuse to cooperate

Snatch the statue, hurl it on the ground, and leap on it.

    SS pensmall.png Pages challenge (167 for 100%)

Failed event
A satisfying sound

You smash it to flinders. Your crew - no, they're not staring. They're watching you with interest, as if you were a moth beneath a bell-jar. Their eyes are flat and silver. A forked tongue flickers from your bo'sun's mouth.

You wake in fright, in your cabin. The ship rocks in harbour.

Successful event
A successful work

You smash the serpent, and pick up one splintered piece, to show your crew... for your crew are watching, eyes wide and silver. "By this victory," you say - you hardly know why - "I claim the rights to the sight of this place." Your crew mutter and disperse, slinking into serpent-shape to wriggle across the clearing. The tree where you found the image is one of many: you stand in a jungle beneath an orange sun...

The air flickers, and instead you stand in your cabin, in your night-clothes. Instead of a splintered fragment of wooden serpent, you hold a paint-brush. In front of you is a painting of jungle, clearing, crew, serpent, you. Somehow you've done good work in your sleep - and you've mixed familiar oils into a peculiar vivid green.

Rub the sleep from your eyes, sign the painting, and try not to worry.

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