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Dahut Exchange
Category Shop
Part of Dahut
Located in Dahut
Data value 55


Dahut Exchange is a shop in Dahut.

Shop Description[]

Dahut: "Here: peace."

Dahut Exchange: "It could almost be Wolfstack."


Name Buy Sell Notes
SS parabolalinensmall.png Bale of Parabola-Linen SS echosmall.png +66 x Echo Highest sell price for Parabola-Linen
SS fuelsmall.png Fuel SS echosmall.png -10 x Echo SS echosmall.png +1 x Echo Third-cheapest shop price, tied with London
SS diamondsmall.png Captivating Treasure SS sapphiresmall.png -11 x A Casket of Sapphires SS sapphiresmall.png +0 x A Casket of Sapphires Cheapest seller of Captivating Treasure - doing this trade instead of selling the Sapphires at London gets you a Captivating Treasure for 990 Echos, which is essentially break-even and much better than other options.
SS suppliessmall.png Supplies SS echosmall.png -19 x Echo SS echosmall.png +1 x Echo Third-cheapest shop price, 1 Echo less than London
SS moonpearlsmall.png Drowning-Pearl SS echosmall.png -30 x Echo SS echosmall.png +0 x Echo
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