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Dawn Machine
Dawn Machine (Map)
Dawn Machine Screenshot.png
Ports None
Shops None
Shipyard None

"THE SUN. THE SUN. THE SUN." - logbook text when you get close to the Dawn Machine


The Dawn Machine is a huge, glowing clockwork mechanism in the southwest corner of the zee.

The Dawn Machine was built by a breakaway faction of the Admiralty. The Voracious Diplomat in London serves both it and Her Enduring Majesty's government; turning over Vital Intelligence to the Diplomat instead of the Admiral sometimes raises Supremacy: The Dawn Machine.


The Dawn Machine has no ports so it is apparently not possible to dock there.

The two largest circles with the secondary globes are above sea level, so it is possible to sail under them carefully and pass through the Barnsmore Gap, going completely off the corner of the map. However, Terror will be increasing by the second if you are too close to the Dawn Machine. Sailing through the Barnsmore Gap and off the map will inflict adverse effects, but also grant you the Western Stigma. Diving underneath the machine will instantly raise your Terror to 100.