Sunless Sea Wiki
Eater of Names
Type Boss
Stats Health: 700

Crew: 77

Location The Gant Pole

Zailors tell tales of the great zhip made of bones. Bones of those who are lost to the zee...


Eater of Names is a boss ship found sailing around The Gant Pole or Sachatown, near the Chelonate. It is a rare spawn and should not be engaged without careful preparations. (Well equipped Phorcyd-class Corvette should be able to take it down from the rear without trouble.)

It has 2 frontal guns and an aft gun - the most powerful in the game, doing ~20 damage per hit.

  • DeckSalvo06: Range: 140 , Base Hull Damage: 18, Arc: 200, Warmup: 8s, Crew -2.
  • ForwardSalvo06: Range: 250 , Base Hull Damage: 25, Arc: 50, Warmup: 10s, Stagger Amount 6.
  • AftSalvo02: Range: 140 , Base Hull Damage: 16, Arc: 50, Warmup: 10s.

Despite being a rare and named boss, the Eater of Names is not unique. It can respawn infinitely after being killed, allowing multiple figureheads to be harvested with patience and luck.

Mind the border of the map when engaging it. It can leave the traversable part of the map making you unable to stay at it's blind spots, furthermore, if you can't reach it you can't loot it, and if you can't loot it there's no point in fighting it. Try to adjust your own movement during the battle to keep it within reachable space.


The Eater of Names has a forward gun, deck gun and a rear gun with a small arc. Its cannons do between 15-20 Hull damage. Sometimes its shots will kill one crewmember, and two when less than half hull.


The Eater of Names is destroyed[]

The worms are screaming. The boat is shattered. Wild-eyed Chelonite zealots leap into the zee. None of them try to swim. As far as you can tell, they're diving straight down, with no intention of coming back up.

The crew of the Eater is dead[]

The worms lie quiescent. The Chelonites are slain. Take it as a prize-ship, bones and zee-worms and all...? One look at your bo'sun dissuades you. He shakes his head slowly.

Actions Requirements Effects
Seize its cargo

The Eater of Names has long plundered unwise strangers in the name of Death and the Great Shell. Perhaps they've kept something of use.

Seize its figurehead

The colour is gant: that colour which remains when all else has been consumed.

A grisly relic

They must have taken this from the zee near the Gant Pole, the place that draws dying monsters. The memories of slow deep death adhere to it like rags of skin to bone. Perhaps you'll find a use for it.

Raw Game Data[]

  • "BehaviourName": "aggressive",
  • "DormantBehaviour": "Wandering",
  • "AwareBehaviour": "HuntingPlus",
  • "BeastieCharacteristicsName" : "GenericShip",
  • "MovementSpeed" : 12,
  • "RotationSpeed" : 0.6,
  • "CombatAttackNames": ["DeckSalvo06","ForwardSalvo06","AftSalvo02"],