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Empty Mirrorcatch Box
SS boxemptysmall.png
Type Trade good
Data ID 115025

Empty Mirrorcatch Box is considered a Trade goods item. It can be taken to Aestival or the Surface, via the Cumaean Canal Staging Area, and turned into a Sunlight-filled Mirrorcatch Box.

Item description[]

"A chest with an embedded matrix of mirrors: an unlikely device for capturing sunlight."


  • Filling the box at Aestival comes with a 50% of gaining a wound.
    • Given that even empty boxes take up cargo space, it is suggested to not take more than x4 Empty Boxes if doing the Aestival route, as the 50% wound chance makes it unlikely you will be able to safely fill 5 or more boxes. It is also one of the components of A Serpent-Trap for the Tireless Mechanic's storyline.

Shop availability[]

Shop Item Buy Price Sell Price
SS khansheart portsmall.png Licensed Exchange - Khan's Heart
    SS boxemptysmall.png Empty Mirrorcatch Box
SS mechanismsmall.png Traveller's Friend - Khan's Shadow
    SS boxemptysmall.png Empty Mirrorcatch Box
SS scrap2small.png The Fisher of Dawn - Irem
    SS boxemptysmall.png Empty Mirrorcatch Box
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