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Exploring the Shattered Citadel
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS Locations Godfall.png Godfall
Data ID 155227

Exploring the Shattered Citadel is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[]

Exploring the Shattered Citadel is triggered when you do the Explore the Shattered Citadel action in SS Locations Godfall.png Godfall.

Story description[]

"All the Neath is dark. The Citadel is dark as only a once-bright place can be. It hung up there among the false-stars, drowned in azure light, for... how long? Now it's here. So are you."

Game note: Very bad things will happen if you run out of candles.


In order to get anything at all from the citadel, a minimum of 8 x Foxfire Candles is required. Recommended more, because there is a chance of not going deeper into the tunnels.

Every time you unsuccessfully or successfully go deeper or go back, you will find an encounter based on your Nasty Things in the Dark level.

Interaction Unlocked by Effects
Fumble in the dark

Somewhere - somewhere here is the way out. The darkness presses against you. Its breath is hot on your neck.

Someone screams

Was it you? Onwards. Quickly. Perhaps you can still make it out.


Here's the wall-crack that leads to the monastery-cellar.

A cheer!

Money changes hand between monks as you emerge, blinking, into the light of their lamps. It is their custom to make bets on the fate of travellers who enter the Citadel. Not all of them are cheering.


No one is left. Who is even reading this?

Go deeper

The Citadel lies on its side. All its halls and tunnels tilt crazily. Edge your way through, like an ant through a broken puzzle-box.

Failed event
Wait -

Go back. This isn't where you meant to be. You've gone no deeper, but what's this?

Successful event

You've found your way deeper into the Citadel...

Retrace your steps

Back - out? Up? Before? Very quickly, directions in here become impossible.

Failed event
A detour

You're going the right way - but you've taken a turn you didn't intend. Where are you?

Successful event
Closer to safety

There you go. Familiar footsteps in the dust.

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