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Favours: Admiralty's Favour
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Category Quality
Type Favours
Data ID 109632

Favours: Admiralty's Favour is considered a Favours Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[]

It is linked to the The Admiralty Survey Office.

Quality description[]

"You have done service for the Admiralty, and they won't forget it."


Favours: Admiralty's Favour is a statistic reflecting how much the The Admiralty Survey Office higher ups respect you as a zee-captain and how much they are willing to trust you.

Favours: Admiralty's Favour may be increased by retrieving Port Reports (only the first time for each port), Strategic Information, Vital Intelligence, and Moves in the Great Game for the office, gradually becoming a trusted associate. It is currently capped at 50.

Quality status[]

Favours: Admiralty's Favour does not have a status description.

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