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Frostfound (Map)
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Frostfound (Gazetteer)
SS Locations Frostfound.png
Located in Frostfound
Ports Stoddard's Haven
Shops No
Shipyard No
Data ID 143337

Frostfound is an iceberg-like northern isle, towering with ice-bound or ice-carved spires. Sailing by its coast will not reduce Terror.

Frostfound was added in the Diamond release. The port is called Stoddard's Haven.

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions Frostfound.png Frostfound[]

Towers and ramps and galleries and stairs of ice, raised and spun like an architect's honey-dream. No spider ever wove so complex a web. The towers are utterly pristine, untouched by human life, but a pitiable encampment squats by the dock.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Engage an Officer: the Tireless Mechanic

Afternoon. Ready to offer my services. I'm an engineer. Finest you'll ever hire. Treat engines like my own children. Not that I have children. Too busy. Usually busy.

Welcome aboard!

"Spot of rust, spot of rust. Soon see to that. You there! Help me with this spot of rust."

Game note: The Tireless Mechanic increases Veils and Fuel Efficiency.
Take tea with the squatters at the dock

Some of them wear the robes of Iremi Riddlefishers; some look like Whithern folk, but even more ragged. But they do seem a little more practical than either of those peoples.

A surprisingly warm welcome

"We're keeping the steps for the Game of Truths," a Helpful Riddlefisher explains, as she fills your cup for the third time. "Every year, the people of Irem and Whither meet here, for - " she pauses. "Contests," she finished vaguely. "The difference between a question and a riddle. One day, someone will prove themselves enough to enter the castle."

You spend a pleasant few hours, while the tea is supplemented with Iremi liqueurs, pale Whithern beer, and something the Riddlefisher describes blandly as 'snake cake'. They offer you fuel and supplies before you leave. "We keep enough to spare," the Riddlefisher grins. "From time to time a captain gets lost and comes up here, and we always feel bad for them."

Ask the squatters about the castle

You notice they avoid looking at it directly.

"If you can enter... you should not."

"We get enthusiasts here, from time to time. Yes, you might be able to enter the castle before the appointed time. You might even find something of value there. But you'd be despoiling sacred ground, my friend. It will take your stories from you. It will take your essence, your self. And if you survive that, you'll likely anger the gods of the zee. Yes, they're real. As real as the corridors of Frostfound are. Stay away, my friend, stay away."

Enter Frostfound

A long flight of stairs rises glistening to a sheer tower. There is no door. Your reflection hangs in the cloudy ice.

Face the wall

"You probably shouldn't do that," one of the squatters advises. Ignore her. Face the wall. Examine your cloudy reflection. Close your eyes. Step forward. Shiver. Frostfound radiates both cold, and a subtler chill of the heart.

Did you move at all? Or is it your reflection that moved? You are inside Frostfound.

Game note: You cannot enter Frostfound if your Terror is greater than 20; and you should not enter Frostfound without a good reason.
Allow the Sly Navigator to examine the tower

He climbs the steps, panting eagerly. "This is the zee, you see?" he calls back. "The zee risen to become land. Ice is the zoul of the zee. In ice, we find the zee at her most exemplary - " And he's off again. You leave him to examine the tower, staring up at the battlements, his breath dragon-huffing.

Where is he?

Only a few minutes later, you glance back, and the Navigator is gone. You climb the steps to examine the spot where you saw him last. His coat lies in the snow. His footprints end at the tower wall.

You poke through his coat and find a brass telescope from the Khanate, a much-annotated chart, tobacco, an alarming quantity of lice. But the Navigator is gone. You never see him again.

Put a blemmigan ashore

Snow, ice, a few squatters. A harsh environment for vegetation. But blemmigans are adaptable.

Not that adaptable

Its moist tendrils freeze to the icy ground as soon as it's off the gang-plank. It squeals, speeding back into the ship to huddle in the engine-room. It's made its opinions on Frostfound very clear.

Show the squatters your Navigator's sigil

A Plucky Researcher recognises it. "I know it well! I can show you, but the way isn't easy. I'll not take anyone frail. You'll need ropes, crampons, skins, tents. And I'll want paying, of course - my bursary is wearing rather thin."

Almost Never Remembered

Your Navigator approaches it warily. The sigil on his temple sparks with blue fire. He reaches out, his fingers touching those of his reflection in the ice - and his reflection lunges forward, whispering something in his ear. The Navigator crumples into the snow. "Oh." The Plucky Researcher says. "Damn. We're going to have a devil of a time getting him back to the ship." You do. But you manage it.

Back in your cosy cabin you imbibe mulled rum. Will you ever be warm again?

Create a Port Report

What are the squatters up to?

Bickering amiably

Not all are Iremi or Whithern. There's the odd researcher, the occasional deranged ice-sculptor. Now and then a very cold, very sad Rubbery Man. But for the most part, an atmosphere of friendly rivalry reigns.

Speak to your Iremi contact

A Riddlefisher is wearing the blue-and-red scarf that marks him as a contact. It would be a Riddlefisher. What are the odds he'll give you a straight answer?

Failed event
When will the towers topple?

"Which Troy was drowned?" "How many battles until the Irridescence?" "Who went East?" Perhaps the Riddlefisher is trying to help. Perhaps they're trying to drive you out of your mind. You are forced to give up. The mission is a failure.

Successful event
When will the towers topple?

The Riddlefisher shares a series of linked riddles with you. You identify the linking factor: it's a prediction about who will win the Contest between questions and riddles, next year. Perhaps the Admiralty will find it useful. It's the closest thing to information about the balance of power, this far north.

Speak to a Whithern contact instead

Interestingly, a Whithern dock-squatter is also wearing a red-and-blue scarf. What are the odds she'll give you an answer at all?

Failed event
Why would such a ship come here?

"Who questions the questioner?" "What is the name of your employer?" "Why do you think I would know?" Is she being obtuse? Are these code-phrases you don't recognise? Has the Khanate employed a counter-agent to bewilder you? Will these questions ever end? You are forced to give up. The mission is a failure.

Successful event
Why would such a ship come here?

The Whithern is even more elliptical than most of her kind. You realise quickly that she's trying to warn you off. There must be an enemy agent here. Take that information back to London. Sometimes the absence of an answer is an answer in itself.

Extract the Cladery Heart

The Cladery Heir leans over the deck rail. "There! In the ice!" The searchlight catches what might be a hull, or might be a very large gizzard.

Failed event
The light glances off again

The Cladery Heir turns away from the shape in the ice. "No, it's just a boulder," she says. "Probably we won't find it here. It doesn't matter, of course."

Successful event
Preparing an approach

The Cladery Heir presents herself on deck. She carries a bag full of sharp blades and serrated blades, short strong blades, toothed blades like saws, long-handled shears, knives whose edges are invisible. She is ready to cut with glass, or with diamond, or with fire, as required.

The Cladery Heart in the Ice[]

Event description[]

The Cladery Heir has sliced away great blocks of Frostfound ice and piled them into a wall. Behind them, the shape of the Cladery Heart is evident, but the hull-flesh is blue with cold.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Give up on cutting the ice for now

There is still some ice between you and the Cladery Heart. Who knows how much longer this would take?

Perhaps some other time

The Cladery Heir packs away her implements and shows no disappointment on her face. There is one blade that has been ruined by the ice and salt. She flings it away into the ocean.

    Goes to: SS Locations Frostfound.png Frostfound
Bring it back to health

"It is shocked," she says. "And numb. It will need a cure."

Failed event Game note: For now, the Cladery Heart awaits in Port Carnelian. If you wish to make it your ship, you will have to go there, and come to some agreement with the Heir.

The Cladery Heir pummels the hull-flesh with her fists. She scrapes away accumulated ice with a strigil. She breathes on it, and lays her cheek next to it. The Cladery Heart doesn't stir.

Successful event
The Cladery Heir builds a fire. She whistles an infuriating popular tune. She massages the hull-flesh with brandy, and piles otter pelt over its raw frostbitten flanks. She speaks to it in the native tongue of the First City, a language cluttered with velar stops.

In the fifth hour of these rituals, the Heart begins to thrum again. It wants to be free of the ice. It wants to move. It wants to swim.

"South," says the Heir. "Wait for us in Port Carnelian. It isn't safe to change ships here." The Heart beats twice before taking a new heading.

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