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Gaider's Mourn
Gaider's Mourn (Map)
SS Locations Gaider's Mourn.png
Located in Corsair's Forest
Ports Yes
Shops SS drunksmall.png The Arrant Limpet

SS greeneyesmall.png The Friendly Face
Shipyard No
Data ID 143340

Gaider's Mourn is the home of many pirates and smugglers so a careful step is needed. It lies in the heart of the Corsair's Forest, being the biggest island in this sea.

Port description[]

Step carefully.

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions Gaider's Mourn.png Gaider's Mourn[]

Location description[]

The Mourn is a stalagmite vast as a crag, and its foot has no safe harbours. The corsair's citadel nestles halfway up. An intricate system of winches takes the strain... and your ship rises slowly from the zee. Her hull creaks in protest. Grizzled zailors groan and cling to stanchions.

Higher, higher. Now the Unterzee shimmers like glass below. Children clambering in crevices cheer and wave alarmingly. The winch-motor slows, and you hang in a cradle next to a red-bowed pirate cutter.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Gather intelligence

Gaider's Mourn swarms with pirates, smugglers and captains of uncertain allegiance. You could learn a lot here, but you'll need to go carefully.

Failed event
A dislike of spies

You and one of your more villainous-looking zailors join a dice-game. (Villainous-looking: but you know for a fact that she tithes to charity and has a delightful singing voice.) The topic turns promisingly to pillage and ambush, but your zailor is a little too forward with her questions. There is a scuffle, and a stabbing. You escape: she does not.

Rare failed event (25%)
Scarecrow, scarecrow

You're eavesdropping on the captain of a lean black cutter when her first mate spots you. In the ensuing fracas, one of your crew is smashed through a flimsy wooden wall. He falls two hundred feet to be impaled on a smaller stalagmite in the shadow of the Mourn, and dies instantly. It's a painless death, but his slowly mummifying corpse will hang there for decades to come. Ships will salute it. Successive generations of children will name it, rename it, fling stones, dare each other to climb the pinnacle and kiss its fleshless hand.

Successful event

A steaming bath-house on a spur of rock. Water slops over the edge of tubs, out over the edge to join the zee far below. Scarred captains boast drunkenly of the prizes they've taken, and the victims they have marked out. You listen from the shadows.

Rare successful event (20%)
Unusual activity

The whisper is that a Khanate trimaran resupplied here last week, under a flag of careful truce. That implies something interesting about Khanate fleet movements. The Admiralty would love to know.

An evening at the Arrant Limpet

A drinking-den by the dock-cradles is a good place for your crew to find companionship and let off steam... but although Gaider's Mourn is a free port, the corsairs prefer their own, and look askance at 'respectable' Londoners.

Failed event
An ugly conclusion

You never learn who said what, but someone ends up pushed out of a window. It's a long drop out there. The Arrant Limpet trembles dangerously as the brawl gathers momentum.

Successful event
A rousing evening, nevertheless

Your crew teaches the Limpet a whole cycle of epically filthy sea shanties. At one point you could swear you hear your name inserted in one of the more complex verses, but you maintain a diplomatic silence.

Another afternoon at the Arrant Limpet

A drinking-den by the dock-cradles is a good place for your crew to find companionship and let off steam... but although Gaider's Mourn is a free port, the corsairs prefer their own, and look askance at 'respectable' Londoners.

Cold shoulders at the Arrant Limpet

Conversation quietens as the drinkers look round. You've been here too long, and you're attracting the wrong kind of attention. Time to move on.

Explore the Mourn

There's a surprising quantity of actual landscape on the Mourn. It's vertical, admittedly, but once you find the beast-paths and urchin-roads, you can traverse it as you would a rocky moor, with an additional throatful of lurching terror.

A Gleaming Marauder is assembling an immense hoard of Drowning Pearls

His teeth are gold; his rings wink with scintillack. A locked box sits beside him, containing delicacies retrieved from the Wisp-Ways.

"Another pebble for the mountain!"

He is ambitious, and plans to marry a Princess of the Leopard clan. "How many pearls would be an appropriate offer, do you think? Ten thousand? A hundred? Fathers can be prickly." You take a pair of solacefruit from his trove, their flesh plump and glistening.

Game note: Trade a Drowning-Pearl for two Solacefruits.

Overhear rumours of a Pirate-Poet

Landlubbers fear pirates. Pirates fear the Poet.

Lies, nonsense, glimmers

Some say she's a Clay Man who freed herself with the power of verse. (Possible.) Others insist she's the personal muse of the King with the Hundred Hearts. (Unlikely.) One claims she zails on a living ship made of the still screaming skulls of her victims. (More sober voices mutter that no, it's just an Alcaeus-class vessel.)

Whatever the truths, few have fought her and survived to tell the tale. Only the bravest of captains risk the lonely parts of the zee where her flag is said to fly.

A familiar face

The Pirate-Poet is here, performing for a crowd outside the Limpet.

Verses amongst iniquity

She is halfway through the familiar BAPTISM IN GLASS as you approach, the pirates and corsairs as enraptured by the heavy thumps of verse as are your own crew. She moves on to her most famous work, REMEMBER POLYTHREME, before finally noticing you during THE SCREAM OF CLAY. As the applause and clinking of coins fades, she tilts her head towards the pub door.

Pay the Loitering Docker for his Strategic Information

"Admiralty sent you? Price has gone up. It's not safe here. Ye'll pay the difference, won't ye?"

A grin

"Ye're a generous soul. Ye'll have yer reward the other side of the River, one day. And here's a little reward for now. Good zailing to ye!"

The report is barely legible. Perhaps that's part of the code. The Admiralty will know.

Refuse to pay for the information

"Ye're a rough cove. Come on. This is me living and me life -"

A shrug

"Ye can't blame me for tryin'. I wants to get home. Sick of this place. London, eh? How is the old monster? - wait, they'll see. Here's yer report. I'm off!"

The report is barely legible. Perhaps that's part of the code. The Admiralty will know.

Search for the Last Constable

The corsairs aren't welcoming to those who enforce the law. If you're to bring her back unharmed, you'll have to search quietly.

Failed event Game note: Check your journal to be reminded of where the Last Constable might be!

Nothing to see here

Too many questions, and you'll seem suspicious, or a tourist. Too few, and you'll seem either meek or snobbish. You make what inquiries you must. When it's plain the Last Constable isn't here, you depart.

Successful event

The Arrant Limpet has a new pianist, after the last had his hands broken in a bar-brawl. His replacement has been acceptable, though she has drawn attention. Bundled in rags and leather, she sits with perfect posture as she plays.

You request a ballad of The Law Come Back to London. The Last Constable narrows her eyes. "Meet me out back in an hour."

A Shivering Corsair with a package

"Oh, God, they're cold. Take them from me. Take them. Where's my money? Don't you cheat me. Take them, but I want my money."

A sigh of relief

"Oh, oh, I feel it lifting. It's gone from me! You never saw me."

Game note: Return to the Blind Bruiser in London. Don't lose your cargo.

Drop off the Shady Sort

She inhales the air, and smiles, perhaps for the first time. "As I remember it," she remarks. "Less mud. More rum."

Business concluded

At the winch-head, a deferential fellow in fustian waits. He bows to the Shady Sort. "A pleasure, as ever."

You, he barely favours with a glance. He presses a heavy purse into your hand. Small coins stained with salt-water, but together they amount to a tidy sum.

Introduce blemmigans to the Mourn

So many nooks, so many crannies, so many villains. It seems only appropriate.

A wild seed

Off it goes, into the teeming, stinking hollows of the stalagmite. Probably it'll just end up in a pirate's pot. Probably.

Collect your ill-gotten gains

Have you been sending stolen ships to Corsair's Forest?

A timely arrival

You find your prize-crew loafing sullenly around the Arrant Limpet. You got here just in time. They haven't spent much of your money.

Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Rare event (30%)
Some are born to endless night

Your prize-crew zailors clatter down a stalagmite-stair. They seem pleased to see you; and they even have your money. But some of them are missing. "Serpents, Captain," one says, very quietly. "It were serpents."

Drop off the August Travel-Writer

"Here is your payment, Addressed As. I'll be back by the evening bell. We'll discuss my next destination then."

By the evening bell

The Travel-Writer sets across the planks with good speed, his briefcase in his hand. It seems heavy, although he claimed it held only documents and writing equipment for an interview with a pirate king.

The day passes relatively peacefully. There are brawls, but in good fun - the blood washed away with celebratory beer. By night, the boisterous cheer has given way to whispers about an uncommonly brutal murder, executed within an experimental shipyard. They say you couldn't enter the yard without stepping in the victim.

The Travel-Writer returns. He greets you with a curt nod as he boards your ship.

Lure the glory-seekers to Wrack

You hear the boast echoed up and down the Mourn, resounding from every tavern: I will be the deadliest captain of the zee! Spin them a story of danger.

You stand on top a bar, a bitter pint in hand. A few bemused drunkards watch. Who wants to be a hero, you ask, gesturing so your drink sloshes onto a grimy face. Who wants to be a proper d__n hero?

The zailors' songs die. They all watch, enthralled as you speak of a place fit for the fiercest. Where gigantic mouths bite through hulls and devour ships from inside out. Where leviathans crack ships like eggs, and eat.

You zailed by such a d__ned ship, but were too afraid to fight the terror below - but these captains - these heroes... Before you even finish, a half dozen have rallied their crews for the docks. They'll sink over Wrack in no time.

Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.
Deliver a message from the Gant Pole

The request came with a description. A scrawny young lad, still struggling to grow a beard. Someone must have seen him.

Ravages of time

There is no sign of the lad, but it isn't long before someone recognises the description. A huge pirate king, fat with success and with a beard thick enough to catch a bullet roars with laughter. "That old cur! We thought he'd have found his way to the bottom of the sea. The Gant Pole, eh? Good for him! Come! Drink with us, friend. And take a little something from the hold for your trouble."

Game note: Have 15 spaces in your cargo hold before choosing this.

Triggered events[]

These events trigger when you dock and certain conditions are met.

SS Interactions Tomb-Colonists in Gaider's Mourn.png Tomb-Colonists in Gaider's Mourn[]

See Tomb-Colonists in Gaider's Mourn page.

This event triggers if you have the following:

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