Sunless Sea Wiki

Gazetteer is your book of interactions and information in Sunless Sea.


Your Gazetteer is divided into six tabs, located at the top. Each of the tabs have different purposes and you will need all of them during your travels in the Unterzee.

On the top right corner you have two icons. The top one is a green gear which, when clicked, will open the options menu. The other one, a red cross, will close the Gazetteer.

Story tab[]

Gazetteer open with the Story tab selected

The Story tab is where you read about all the stories in Sunless Sea. It is also the place where you can interact with others to progress the story or unlock new interactions.

On the left page is usually a picture representing the location or situation that you are facing. A list of possible interactions can be found on the right page.

This tab is only available when you are docked at a port.

Hold tab[]

Gazetteer open with the Hold tab selected

In the Hold tab you can see on the left page what kind of ship you have and the ship equipment currently equiped.

On the right page, you can check your trade goods, curiosities and cargo hold space. By clicking on the cargo hold space you can jettison any or all of the cargo.

Journal tab[]

Gazetteer open with the Journal tab selected

The Journal tab keeps track of all of your relevant actions during your game.

On the left page you have your name at the top followed by all of your accomplishments. On the right side you have all your stories and circumstances. When you begin a new game you start with no stories.

Officers tab[]

Gazetteer open with the Officers tab selected

The Officers tab is where you can see every officer and mascot that you recruited during your game.

When you start a new game, if you choose a past in the character creation screen you will begin with an officer linked with that past. If you don't choose a past, you will only have a mascot at the beginning of the game.

Shops tab[]

Gazetteer open with the Shops tab selected

The Shops tab will show you any available stores on the left page and which items they buy and sell on the right page.

Not every port has a shop available and not every shop holds the same items.

This tab is only available when you are docked at a port.

Shipyard tab[]

Gazetteer open with the Shipyard tab selected

The Shipyard tab is where you see your current ship and buy a new one, if you have the required echoes.

Your current ship is displayed on the left page while the ships available are on the right page.

At the moment, only London has an available shipyard.

This tab is only available when you are docked at a port.