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Godfall (Gazetteer)
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Located in Sea of Voices
Ports Yes
Shops No
Shipyard No
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Godfall is where the brawling bearded men who live there call themselves monks. They pay lip-service to 'St. Stalactite', which fell from the roof. But their chief interests seem to be wine, blood, and shouting.

Port description[]

"Sometimes - just occasionally - bits of the roof fall off. Be glad you weren't here when this one did."

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions Godfall.png Godfall[]

Port description[]

"The brawling bearded men who live here call themselves monks. They pay lip service to 'St Stalactite', which fell from the roof. But their chief interests seem to be wine, blood and shouting."


Be very careful before doing Explore the Shattered Citadel as it may lead to both loss of SS crewsmall.png Crew and you having multiple SS bloodstainsmall.png Menaces: Wounds that will cause your death.

This is a possible game over interaction. You have been warned.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Of wine

The throats of the Brothers are dry. They'll pay for something to moisten them.

A half-dozen currencies

Mostly Echoes, but here's Khanate paper money, the whimpering coins of Polythreme, and a strange glass token that might be from far Irem. "Donations," the Abbot-Captain affirms. "Pilgrims are generous."

Of more wine

"Oh, no," the Abbot-Commander says sternly. "We've had too much trouble with this. The brothers can't shoot straight. Take the nasty stuff away."

A hard bargain

Is it a real objection, or a negotiating position? Perhaps a bit of both. Eventually he relents and takes a quantity of wine off your hands, but at a pretty wretched price.

Of blood

Offer them a hunting-trophy as a gift for their collection

Louder, ever-louder

The trophy inspires the monks to feasts of bragging. This one broke a giant Albino Moray's neck. That one wrestled a Heptycheer. A third punched his way out of a Bound-Shark. A fourth... and so on. You are largely forgotten, but there are truths of note in among all the tipsy boasting.

Of shouting

Let them tell you about past and present events in the monastery.


They're eager to talk about their history. The stalactite, they assure you, was one of the citadels of the Starved Men who dwell in the roof. When it fell, a few of its occupants survived to become the monks' progenitors. How does that work, you wonder, with their vow of celibacy? They become vague, and are suddenly eager to speak of the details of passing shipping.

Bring the report to The Admiralty Survey Office at London for +1 x Favours: Admiralty's Favour and +30 x Echo.
Explore the Shattered Citadel

Before the stalactite was a monastery - before it ever fell from the roof - it was a citadel. The fall shattered it and killed all its occupants. Probably. Why don't you take a look?

Through the cellars

The monks have blocked the tunnels into the Citadel. "The Starved Men lived there," one says vaguely. "They're all dead of course, but you still wouldn't want to meet them." Still, there's a gap in the cellar wall that they keep meaning to fix -

Game note: The more Foxfire Candles you have, the better. Bad things will happen if you run out.
Explore the Shattered Citadel again

You won't find much more of interest, unless you have a particular reason to go back...

Through the cellars

They still haven't fixed that crack. Monks, eh.

Game note: The more Foxfire Candles you have, the better. Bad things will happen if you run out.
Assault the monastery

Put a blemmigan ashore

How will a blemmigan deal with all the wine, blood and shouting?

A flash of violet

It's gone! Up the dripstone flank of the stalactite, into a tiny tunnel.

Help the Adventuress seek a glorious death in a duel

The Shouting Monks revel in battle. Their Abbot-Commander is a savage veteran of a hundred duels and monster-hunts.


"We do not fight women," one sneers. "If we wanted to fight women, we'd be over at Abbey Rock."

"You're not over at Abbey Rock," the Adventuress suggests, "because the Sisters' training is so very much deadlier."

"Then fight them!" the monk responds haughtily.

Speak with the monks about their newest member

They escort you to his cell. "Used to be a zailor," one whispers. "We were hoping you could help us work out what's wrong."

The supplicant

An old bearded man sits cross-legged and naked in Godfall's smallest monastic cell. At the sight of the group, he flinches. His wrinkled skin is covered in faded scars. "No more freedom," he whispers. "Ten of the clock, we sweep. Fifteen past ten of the clock, we wash. There are orders. There must be orders. No more Freedom! Please!"

A monk hands him a mop and bids him clean the entire chapel by first bell. The supplicant squeezes it tight. "Yes, master," he whispers, tears of gratitude welling up in his eyes as he scampers off. There is an awkward silence. "He should make a very devout monk," one of the others ventures. "Once we finally get him into the habit."


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