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Grand Geode
Grand Geode (Map)
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Grand Geode (Gazetteer)
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Located in Dawn's Edge
Ports Zelo's Town
Shops No
Shipyard No
Data ID 143334

"A distant song like a mirage."

On the southwestern corner of the map, south of SS Locations Fallen London.png Fallen London, lies a giant island called Grand Geode, a naval base with the Royal Navy's emblems. The port is called Zelo's Town.

The Grand Geode became available in the Carnelian release.

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions Grand Geode.png Grand Geode[]

A naval base, with the Royal Navy's emblems, curiously amended. Efficient, bright-eyed women and men work briskly, everywhere you look. They are singing: hymns with unfamiliar words. Hard-faced Royal Marines watch you carefully, barring entry to the Geode's heart.

A plaque by the docks has been defaced with orange paint, but you can still make out the original inscription: 'STATION V (ADJUNCT)'.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Ask to speak with someone in authority

What is this place?

The Commodore may be able to give you a few minutes -

The Commodore shakes your hand warmly. He's a handsome, open-faced fellow in an immaculate Navy uniform. His office is equally handsome. It overlooks the glittering interior crystal cliff - it must be as well lit as any study in the Neath. He deflects questions about the purpose of this installation - "classified, you know" - but smilingly offers you tea, biscuits and mineralogical anecdotes.

The biscuits are good, but the anecdotes rather blend one into the next. You find yourself nodding, and then jerk suddenly awake. The Commodore is smiling. Your cup is empty. You feel well: very well. A little euphoric, even. "Come back soon," he says softly.

Rare event (30%)
A blank space in your memory

You saw the Commodore, and then - then there was something bright. You discussed matters of importance. You're certain of it. Teasing clues linger in your memory. A zailor asked to stay behind, and you permitted it, because - because -

It'll all come clear later. Probably.

Compile a Port Report

Does the Admiralty know? Or want to know?

Take discreet notes

The Marines are watching.

Put a blemmigan ashore

Not promising. But perhaps -

A bright end

The blemmigan whirls cheerfully and erratically across the quay, apparently bewildered by the play of coloured light. A Marine watches with some alarm as it approaches. He raises his boot and stamps hard on the dazed creature. As you leave the scene, he's fastidiously wiping violet blood from the sole.

Deliver the Sphinxstone

The Bright-Eyed Sequencer sent you here. Another, equally bright-eyed quartermaster awaits you and your stones.

The stones! Marvellous!

"The Bazaar is the enemy of our Light. It's the enemy of anyone with eyes, too. Nasty greedy tentacled thing. Well, our Light will sort it out, you'll see. (Because you have eyes. And wonderful eyes they are too, if I might say so.) This stone of yours will help. And we reward those who help us. Here. (A bundle of banknotes.) Here. (A monograph on perception.) And here - "

She leans forward and kisses you, once on each eyelid. As she draws back, the world is changed. You always knew the Neath was a place where the laws of the sunlit world did not apply: but now, somehow, you can see it. Is this chaos? Or freedom?

The Quartermaster directs her labourers to pack up the stone. The zee is quiet. The Geode glows like a lamp.

Sell the Memento Mori to the servants of the Dawn Machine

"Now this looks very interesting. Very interesting indeed."

A sigh of satisfaction

"Our Light will grow stronger. Not only as our fleet grows stronger. There are many doors that bar our ascent: but the Red Science is the key to many locks. We thank you. Our Light thanks you. Go now, and grow bright."

Game note: You will receive one Element of Dawn, one Judgements' Egg, one thousand Echoes, and the gratitude of the Machine.
Purchase an Element of Dawn from the Commodore

The Commodore welcomes you, smiling, to his immaculate office. Crystals glitter in the walls. "Of course," he says, "Glad to help. But we'll need to cover expenses, for an Element. The Light only produces so many, you know."


"No no - your seven youths and maidens, ahahaha, I mean your seven crew, are not 'expenses'. They will live rich, satisfied, glorious lives. I will ensure it personally."

"And thank you for the information. We will make very, very good use of it."

Ask the Commodore for a defence against sunlight for Aestival

He smiles warmly. "Of course," he says. "But we'll need our usual consideration to do the work. And it won't be easy. We'll need a gant-source from near the Chelonate; and a particular insight. A very, very particular insight."

Dawn's Law

The Sequencers who serve the Machine take charge of your supplies. Your crew go gaping and bewildered into the fractured light of the Geode. Officers listen intently to your intelligence. And you whisper the Dread Surmise into the translucently perfect ear of the Commodore himself. (He smells like spice and sunlight.)

Three days and three nights later, a procession of marines carries a cedar casket to your ship, decorated with gold leaf. You open it, very cautiously. The skull which once adorned the Eater of Names now lies within, its forehead marked with a glyph of furious power. The shape of it chatters your teeth and vibrates your vision. This will drink the danger of the sunlight. Who knows what else it might do? But it will suffice. It will permit you to colonise Aestival.

Game note: The gant-source can be obtained from the Eater of Names, near the Chelonate. A Dread Surmise can be assembled by the Alarming Scholar from seven Searing Enigmas.
Engage an Officer: the Carnelian Exile

A dark-spectacled woman marches up to you, in some haste. "Addressed As. Take me with you. I am no longer welcome here... and I will show you where we need to go."
Game note: The Exile is a First Officer who increases Mirrors and Pages.

Welcome aboard!

"Here I am. A ship, I suppose, is both always here, and never there, because there becomes here."
Game note: Appoint your new Officer by dragging her from the Officers tab to her slot at the top of the screen. Do this in port, not at sea, or you may unsettle your crew.

Parting with the Dogged Apprentice

He stands on the deck, staring at the glittering geode beyond the Royal Marines. His lips twitch; he has something to say.

The Apprentice's voice catches in his throat when he tries to speak. Finally, he takes a deep breath, and manages to whisper: "He'll make thousands more. Just like the first one."

He turns to you; beads of sweat have gathered at his temples. "I wanted to defy the laws of nature. But not like that. And now the zee will burn." The Dogged Apprentice dabs his forehead with a handkerchief, then brushes past you to join the bright-eyed people of the Grand Geode.

Parting with the Dogged Apprentice

He stands on the deck, staring at the glittering geode beyond the Royal Marines. His lips twitch; he has something to say.

"Thank you," the Dogged Apprentice whispers. "I wanted to defy the laws of nature; but not like that. At least he's been slowed down." The Apprentice sighs and brushes past you. "Thanks again, Addressed As," he shouts back to you as he descends the gangplank to join the bright-eyed people of the Grand Geode.

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