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Haunted Doctor
Haunted Doctor
Position Surgeon

SS heartssmall.png +6 x Hearts
SS pensmall.png +3 x Pages
+1 x A Doctor Aboard

Promotions Determined Doctor

Disillusioned Doctor

Haunted Doctor is a potential Surgeon crew member.

Character description[]

"Earnest, learned, prone to jump at loud noises."


The Haunted Doctor can be recruited in London by doing the A new recruit! action and having a A New Recruit? value of 2 or 3. He can also be found at Saviour's Rocks.


The Haunted Doctor can be promoted to the Determined Doctor by following his storyline and taking him to Khan's Shadow.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Hearts

The Haunted Doctor has read widely.
Game note: Spend a Secret to improve your Hearts, unless it's higher than 100.

An educational lesson

The Doctor is methodical and scrupulous. You spend an informative afternoon, and learn much. However, when you ask detailed questions on the anatomy of the eye, he grows reticent, and soon ends the conversation, complaining of a headache...

Chat about science

..over a light dinner of zee-trout and bracket-gruel.

The nature of nature

"Sunlight is - in certain senses literally, quite literally, law. Without sunlight, the earth would spin off into space. And the absence of sunlight down here means the absence of a dozen laws. Death operates unreliably (though more reliably on the zee, as you know). Geography is uncertain and shifting. And dreams - dreams - "

He had grown animated - now he seems distracted. He apologises, and composes himself.

"It was a particular interest of mine. Luminosity. The anatomy of the eye. The many liberations of night... excuse me. This gruel is a little too rich for my tastes."

Chat about politics

...over roast lizard and cabbage in the Khaganian style.


"It's true: I fell in with - restless elements. The usual reasons, of course. Watching the Bazaar devour London, year by year. The iniquities of the rich and the pities of the poor. But more than that - I thought London needed darkness. Do you know what I mean? I thought the city was safer in the dark. Do you understand me? I applied my arts to that end. If you do, I need say no more, and if you don't, I should say no more - "

Ask about his medical career

He looks up from a wounded zailor. "No, no, I mustn't. No. I have no stories I would wish... you would wish to hear." He sniffs. "Unless... Would that be... zee-trout?"

A dour companion

The Doctor pushes more food around his plate than he puts into his mouth, and what he eats, he chews until all taste has been squeezed out. Between bites, he sips only water, evading all questions where opinion is sought.

It is only when the subject turns to his trade that something flickers inside him, old memories of pain and pride. "I fear it was my training that let me see the world for what it was - its corpus infested by malignancies with human faces. How could I dare face Hippocrates in the hereafter if I just stood by and did nothing? Nothing!"

His eye meets yours for the first time; fierce, damned. "If two drops of medicine can cure the body, could two drops of poison cure the world? For a moment, it actually seemed that easy."

The fire fades. He pushes back his chair. "Pardon me, Addressed as. I fear I have had my fill for today."

Invite him to drink with you

The Haunted Doctor has kept to himself since dinner. Perhaps some wine will help him open up.

The art of poison

"I let most of them slip away peacefully, a drop of laudanum still on their tongues. For that sop to my conscience, I am most ashamed of all."

The wine flows as the Haunted Doctor talks candidly of his past - of a status that allowed him to the bedsides of many of London's most infamous, and the black medicine bag that carried the tools of both his trades - doctor, and anarchist-poisoner.

"I was a fool," he adds. "A child. Just a boy on a crusade, drinking in the rhetoric of the Calendar Council, thinking myself more than a mere poisoner. What I did, I do not regret. Would though that I had seen their true hearts before giving myself so freely to perdition."

He raps his leather eyepatch. The sound is hollow; sickly. "It is a disappointment I well deserved. The Lady taught me that much, at least. I... No. Another time, perhaps. The hour grows late. I thank you for the company."

Game note: The Doctor may have more to say after you've visited a place that touches his old interests.

A request from the Haunted Doctor

He asks it quietly, almost with embarrassment, as he sutures a crewman's wound.

A visit to Khan's Shadow?

"Our recent conversations have left me... nostalgic," the Haunted Doctor admits. His voice shakes slightly, though his fingers do not. "Should a suitable opportunity arise, I would remind myself that there are still those who dare to dream of a better world. It has been too long since I warmed my hands on such passion."

He snips the thread. His work is, as ever, immaculate.

Answer questions about your past
You've kept your secrets long enough.
Game note: Unmask yourself! This will allow you to select a Past, Ambition, and form of preferred address - also providing you with a specialist ability bonus.

Other Interactions[]

These are triggered elsewhere, but related to the Doctor.

Location & Event Name Requirements Choice Effects Notes
The Haunted Doctor shrinks from a sorrow-spider Smash the sorrow-spider with a flung boot Visit Saviour's Rocks with Something Awaits You and help prepare for the festival to make this happen.
Call a zailor to take care of the nasty thing
Khan's Shadow A gathering of anarchists The usual diatribes
Varchas in The Charitable Hospital Offer the services of the Haunted Doctor You can only do this with either the Brisk Campaigner OR the Haunted Doctor. Pick Wisely. Also, he can still complete if he's been "promoted".


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