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Hold is a ship statistic that defines how many units of Cargo your ship can hold at any given time. If you plan on making long voyages or become a trading master, this is one of the most important stats to look at.

Curiosities do not take up space on your Hold. If you ever exceed your Hold space, you must immediately discard any surplus Cargo, dumping it overboard, before continuing.

You can view your ship's hold anytime by viewing the Hold tab in your Gazetteer.

Ship Hold Capacity[]

Ship Hold Capacity
Stymphalos-class Steam Launch
    Hold: 5

Lampad-class Cutter
    Hold: 30

Ligeia-class Steamer
    Hold: 40

Phorcyd-class Corvette
    Hold: 40

Maenad-class Frigate
    Hold: 70

Leucothea-class Steam-Yacht
    Hold: 70

Cladery Heart
    Hold: 80

Eschatologue-class Dreadnaught
    Hold: 100

Caligo-class Merchant Cruiser
    Hold: 120