Sunless Sea Wiki

The Hotkeys bar is located at the bottom-center of the game screen and it has eight buttons.

SS Hotkey Bar.jpg


Name Shortcut Description
Zee-Bat Search Z The Zee-Bat Search is your ship's radar. If you are close enough to undiscovered land, the bat will indicate the approximate heading and mark the exact location on your Chart. If not, they will return saying no location is nearby.
Toggle Lights L This button controls your ship's lights. Keeping them on will consume fuel but will also avoid increasing unnecessary Terror.
Repair Ship R If you have at least 50% of your hull, you can toggle this button to begin emergency repair even when no shipyards are nearby. It halts your ship and slowly repairs in small increments, each one consuming a unit of Supplies and restoring five points of Hull.
Full power! F Clicking this will boost your ship speed for the duration of your current Fuel barrel. Beware though. This will increase your engine temperature and may trigger the Fire! random event.
Pause / Resume Space This button pauses and resumes the game. Remember that while the game is running, hunger increases and random events may trigger.
Gazetteer G Opens and closes your Gazetteer.
Chart C Displays your map of the Unterzee. The game is automatically paused in the background when viewing your Chart.
Main Menu Esc Opens the Sunless Sea main menu, from where you can continue your game, start a new game, save, load, view options and quit.
Transform T Transforms your ship into/from a zubmarine. Only appears if you've modified your ship in Port Carnelian and have the Zubmariner expansion installed.