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Category Quality
Type Ship Conditions
Data ID 102024

Hunger is considered a Ship Conditions Quality in Sunless Sea.

Quality description[]

"All of us must eat."


Hunger is represented by a red bar on a meter located at the top left of the screen, and increases by half your current crew (.5 rounds to the nearest even integer) every 10 seconds whenever the game is not paused. Note that staying docked with the Gazetteer closed counts as "not paused".

When the Hunger meter reaches or exceeds 50, the crew will be automatically fed by consuming one unit of supplies. This is recorded in the Log book as "Fed the crew" and resets Hunger to 0. This results in the following supplies consumption based on crew:

Crew 1 2 3-5 6 7-9 10 11-13 14 15-17 18 19-25 26-33 34-49 50-98* 99-∞*
Seconds per supplies - 500 250 170 130 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10
Supplies per minute 0 0.12 0.24 0.35 0.46 0.6 0.67 0.75 0.86 1 1.2 1.5 2 3 6

*No ship has sufficient quarters for this crew size

If Hunger exceeds 50 without being able to automatically feed the crew, the Mouths to Feed event will be triggered.

Quality status[]

Hunger has different statuses according to your actions, defined by the comment in front of the quality.

Journal description[]

  • [1] Replete
  • [25] Fed
  • [50] Peckish
  • [75] Ravenous
  • [100] Desperate

Triggered Events[]

Many events affect hunger. The table was ridiculously big, so instead, here are the triggered events, which is all that's really important to know.

Click Expand on the right for more.

Story Requirements Type Location
    Hunger ≥ 51 ≤ 60

Random Event (20%) None set
Growling stomachs
    Hunger ≥ 61 ≤ 70

Random Event (20%) None set
Rebellious murmurs
    Hunger ≥ 71 ≤ 80

Random Event (20%) None set
A missing zailor?
    Hunger ≥ 81 ≤ 90

Random Event (20%) None set
Desperate Measures
    Hunger ≥ 91 ≤ 99

Random Event (20%) None set
    Hunger ≥ 100

Story Event (500%) None set
Mouths to Feed
    Hunger ≥ 51 ≤ 99

Story Event (1000%) None set
Memories of plenty
    Hunger ≥ 51

Random Event (20%) None set

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