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Icarus in Black
SS meteors purplesmall.png
Type Forward (Ship Equipment)
Effects +50 Hull damage

+500 Life damage
10s warm-up time
6s Stagger

Data ID 115050

Icarus in Black is a Ship equipment item that equips to Forward and fires Doomed Monster-Hunters. It can be obtained from the Tittering Artificer in the Iron Republic

Item description[]

"This desperate, demented device inflicts apocalyptic damage on even the greatest zee-beasts, but it fires only one thing: Monster-Hunters."

Game note: You may find them in the Chelonate and Khan's Shadow, and occasionally elsewhere.


Besides being equipped, it can also be sold to buccaneers in Khan's Shadow for 750 Echoes.


  • +50 Hull damage
  • +500 Life damage
  • 10s warm-up time
  • 6s Stagger


Item location Action name Requirements Effect Notes
Iron Republic Fund a Tittering Artificer's Project

"Icarus in Black" Game note: This is a Forward-mounted weapon with unusual characteristics.

Note: The exorbitant cost of its ammunition, the Doomed Monster-Hunter, makes this weapon impractical for general usage, being limited to very specific situations. Unless, of course, you can afford SS echosmall.png 1000 x Echo per shot.

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