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Iron is the skill of causing direct damage.


Each point of Iron increases the damage dealt by all ship weapons in combat.

WeaponDamageBonus = round( Iron * 0.16 )

Note this bonus does not scale with the weapon's base damage, unlike the Mirrors speed bonus. It depends only on your Iron score, meaning faster weapons (Deck, Forward) benefit more than slower ones (Aft). Also note that at the maximum possible level of ~250 (200+bonuses) it's equal to about 40, making the damage differences between strongest and weakest weapons barely noticable.


Iron can change temporarily or permanently. Ship and weaponry upgrades can quickly increase total Iron, but not base Iron.


You can increase or decrease Iron temporarily by having the following:


Name Effects
Brisk Campaigner
  • +3 x Iron
Indomitable Campaigner
  • +5 x Iron
Irrepressible Cannoneer
  • +8 x Iron
Longshanks Gunner
  • +1 x Iron
Maybe's Daughter
  • +3 x Iron
Maybe's Rival
  • +6 x Iron
Presbyterate Adventuress
  • +6 x Iron
Wistful Deviless
  • +1 x Iron
Wretched Mog
  • +2 x Iron


Name Slot Effects
Memento Mori Forward
  • +6 x Iron
Awakened Seal of the Red Science Bridge
  • +3 x Iron
Anatomical Cabinet Auxiliary
  • +7 x Iron
The Zong of the Zee Auxiliary
  • +3 x Iron
The Fulgent Impeller Engine
  • +5 x Iron


Name Effects
Stymphalos-class Steam Launch
  • -20 x Iron
Lampad-class Cutter
  • -10 x Iron
Phorcyd-class Corvette
  • +5 x Iron
Maenad-class Frigate
  • +5 x Iron
Eschatologue-class Dreadnaught
  • +25 x Iron


You can permanently increase or decrease base Iron with the following:



Item location Action name Effect Notes
Hunter's Keep Lunch with Cynthia

    SS ironsmall.png +1 x Iron

Make sure you have Salt's Attention first.

Random events[]

Random event name Action name Effect Notes