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Isle of Cats
Isle of Cats (Map)
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Isle of Cats (Gazetteer)
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Located in Stamford's Expanse
Ports Port Cavendish
Shops SS sailorsmall.png Harbour Provisioners
Shipyard No
Data ID 168435

"Where there are roses."

Isle of Cats is where an invisible tiger stalks and deadly roses grow. Tread carefully.

Isle of Cats became available on the 13th November, 2014, through the new stories function.

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions Port Cavendish.png Port Cavendish[]

A scatter of yellow-lit honey-dens and brightly painted alehouses. To the south-east rises the stone tower of Cavendish Abbey, its ramparts hung with crimson-and-gold banners. There are zailors from all across the Neath hauling cargo, dicing and brawling good-naturedly on the docks.

The air carries the sound of zee-shanties sung with more enthusiasm than skill, and the smell of roses edged with brimstone.

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Compile a Port Report

Though the Isle seems, at present, beyond the reach of the Admiralty's laws, that does not mean that the Admiralty lacks interest in their activities.

Roses and kings

You spend half a day observing the docks and note an astonishing number and variety of ships. Was that a Khanate trimaran nestled beside a vessel from the Iron Republic? The dockhands complain loudly that they have never been busier. The Catties talk ceaselessly and carelessly about smuggling and piracy, but even the most hardened zailors lower their voices when they mention 'the King'. They go even quieter when they talk about the Rose Garden. You make careful notes; perhaps the Admiralty will understand what they mean, even if you don't.

A Piratical Welcome

"Welcome to the Isle of Cats," the Wide-Eyed Dockmaster says brightly. "Would you like to bribe me not to write down your details in this nice official ledger?"

You hand over the coins and she tips you a sharp smile before waving you to the nearest alehouse. The entire process is straightforwardly corrupt, and pleasingly efficient.

The Honeyed Tongue

It is both brothel and honey-den, run by someone the Catties refer to as the King's Claw.

Triggers event: SS salon3gaz.png The Honeyed Tongue

Cavendish Abbey

The crimson-clad Melliferous Sisters patrol its ramparts, and tend their hives of lamplighter bees.

Triggers event: SS doorgaz.png Cavendish Abbey

A Walk in the Rose Garden

What use is a key, if you don't open things with it?

Triggers event: SS gibbetgaz.png The Garden of Roses and Cages

Buy a shipment of red honey

You could sell it for a profit elsewhere. If you were inclined to take your chances with the Revenue Men.

The Melliferous Sister seems reluctant to sell the honey to you, until you show her your silver Key to the Cage Gardens. "You are an intimate of the Pirate-King!" she exclaims. "Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?"

A Gift of Glass

An emaciated man in lion-coloured robes clutches your sleeve. "Please," he says. "I'm damned. I can't touch the truth. Take this." He points to an unpromising-looking crate, sitting beside a bollard.

Life and light

"The Sun orders time, do you see? Down here we can only touch time with our fingers. The devils know that. In Irem - In Irem - "

His eyes well with tears. Abruptly he turns and plunges into the crowd. You're left with the crate.

Sell Sunlight

Sunlight! that most dangerous of pleasures. Here in Port Cavendish, there's an appetite for dangerous pleasures. But will you be able to negotiate with the sippers of sunlight?

Failed event
Smoke and mirrors

In back-rooms and cellars, in tangles behind warehouses, you make careful arrangements. The deal is only to take place at second hand: your intermediary will meet theirs. Unfortunately, their intermediary palms off yours with an empty crate, not the original Mirrorcatch Box. You're five hundred Echoes richer, but you'll need another box if you're to do this run again.

Successful event
A good price

"Yes. Yes, I'll pay. Where is it? Quickly!"

You wait outside while your customer basks in the sunlight. Once it starts to fade, you re-enter the room and retrieve your box.

Help Maybe's Daughter search for her mother

"She comes here, I know. She's always been fond of cats. Well, my father was something of a cat. And a very noble one, at that."

Failed event
"No luck."

"But, oh dear me, do you know someone picked my pocket?" She chuckles happily. "I never noticed a thing! Fingers like spider-hatchlings."

She rolls a coin between her fingers. "So I tracked him down and congratulated him. And bought him a drink. And one thing led to another. And now he's asleep upstairs at the Rose and Tiger, and I'm down here with his purse. Would you like some money? It's so much fun, money." (You begin to realise how drunk she must be.)

"Anyway, no luck. But we'll find her. I can find anyone." She tries, and fails, to snap her fingers.

Successful event
"She was here last week, but - "

You follow the Daughter's stunned gaze. A woman in a lilac gown leans in the doorway of a honey-den. Her features bear an unmistakable resemblance to your officer's. "We should talk," she says to the Daughter, quite calmly.

The Daughter assembles the rags of her composure with remarkable speed. "Excuse us," she says...

Put a blemmigan ashore

What will they make of it? What will it make of them?

Gone in an instant

The blemmigan disappears into the crowd, darting between legs in a violet flash. Pirates shriek, harlots curse.

An hour later, you see it perched atop an alehouse roof, tentacles awave, slurringly extemporising an impudent villanelle. A small crowd of locals is cheering.

A delivery for Mr Sacks

The Pirate-King will have contacts with the Gracious Widow.

Caught in the middle

King Leopold examines the small jeweled bird with care and a measure of delight. "I do not want to know how you came by this. Should anyone ask, you did not. We shall return it to the owner, yes. Such fine craftsmanship. A true one-of-a-kind creation."

He cradles it for a moment, and snaps off the head. "Deliver this to the Widow," he orders, throwing it to his least fortunate smuggler. "We have unfavourable deals to renegotiate."

Have red honey made of the Sensitive Brother's Regret

It will let you convey his secret to his sister in a form she may find palatable.

An uncomfortable procedure

You must lie on a bed in the semi-darkness, eyelids propped open and reflexes drug-dulled. Then the bees are admitted. Soon a scout has found you and is dancing out the address of your eyeballs. Now, concentrate! It would be unfortunate if you were to communicate the wrong memory through the bees! You must dwell on the Sensitive Brother's guilt about burning the papers, his lie to his superiors, his determination never to tell anyone. Meanwhile the feet of bees prickle across your eyes.

But when it is over you have a stoppered glass of red liquid, prepared for delivery at Hunter's Keep.

Save the smugglers from Wrack

A small crowd of smugglers whisper beneath a garland of roses. "She said a taste of this fish could rouse a parson's passions! We'll make a killing in London!" The rest agree to chart a course over Wrack.

They fall silent as you approach, and reach for their knives. You put your hands up. You've just come from those waters, you say, and there is something they ought to know.

By the time you've finished speaking, the smugglers have not only away their knives, they've started reaching for their purses. "A good bit of luck that you caught us," one says. "If I ever find the muggins what near sent us to our deaths, I'm going to bash 'is ____ing teeth in."

Ambition: Where can you taste red honey?

The Salt-Scarred Navigator said he tasted memories of a failed expedition against an immortal city. Where is the one who gave it to him?

Isery, Cat's Chiefest Claw

The reports are all the same: Isery manages the Honeyed Tongue, a den of exceedingly select and debased pleasures. You'll have to win their favour if you're to taste the honey.

Ambition: Discuss the Well-Travelled Notary's memories

Your quest has led you here. You need to know what the Notary knew - about Nidah, about the Presbyterate, about the secret of immortality.

Triggers event: SS redhoneygaz.png A Deal with Isery
Invite Isery to join the seven Against Nidah

Given Lorenzo's misfortune, you find yourselves in need of a new Guide.

You broach the subject with delicacy. There is a light in Isery's eyes that you would not describe as 'reassuring'.

Triggered interactions[]

These only trigger when you are docked in Isle of Cats.
Tip: Zaira and Isery often reward you with large amounts of fuel, supplies, or wine, so make sure you have plenty of hold space before fulfilling a request.

SS Interactions A Request from Zaira.png A Request from Zaira[]

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This interaction appears if you have the following:

SS Interactions Tending the Rose Garden.png Tending the Rose Garden[]

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This interaction appears if you have the following:

SS Interactions A Walk with the Lady of the Cages.png A Walk with the Lady of the Cages[]

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This interaction appears if you have the following:

SS Interactions Visit Isery's Office.png Visit Isery's Office[]

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This interaction appears if you have the following:

SS Interactions Experiments in Red Honey.png Experiments in Red Honey[]

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SS Interactions Royal Prerogatives.png Royal Prerogatives[]

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SS Interactions A Gift for the Pirate King.png A Gift for the Pirate King[]

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SS Interactions A Meeting with the Pirate King.png A Meeting with the Pirate King[]

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SS Interactions Which is the cat's chiefest claw.png Which is the cat's chiefest claw?[]

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Triggered events[]

These events trigger when you dock and certain conditions are met.
Tip: Zaira and Isery often reward you with large amounts of fuel, supplies, or wine, so make sure you have plenty of hold space before fulfilling a request.

SS zairagaz.png Proper Nomenclature[]

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This interaction appears if you have the following:

SS zairagaz.png A Message for Zaira[]

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This interaction appears if you have the following:

SS iserygaz.png Isery's disappointment[]

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This interaction appears if you have the following:

SS paperstackgaz.png A Smuggler's Reward[]

View the A Smuggler's Reward page.

This interaction appears if you have the following:

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