Sunless Sea Wiki

While you are playing Sunless Sea will you acquire several items. These items will aid you in every aspect of the game: surviving, fighting, trading, exploring and progressing the storyline.

Items can be divided into three categories:

  • Cargo: Cargo (formerly called 'Trade goods' in older versions) refers to a broad category of items available for trading between different ports. This includes spare Ship Equipment that isn't mounted. Each Cargo item takes up 1 space in your hold.
  • Curiosities: Curiosities are everything that cannot be categorized as a weapon, piece of equipment, or Cargo. Curiosities do not take up hold space.
  • Ship equipment: Everything that can be mounted on the ship that will benefit it in any way.

If you prefer to see all the items together, where to get them and how many, you can visit the Item list page.